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  • Generally speaking (I know that market values change in time and depending on the city as well) do you guys recommend selling all those runes/souls/relics at the market or meld them into artifacts hoping it's one that sells well? What's your experience?

  • Quote from Jesterbudd: “We have teams running group dungeons all the time in the black zone, there might be PVP just because of the zones but I mean the fame is nuts. we run hardcore expos from the hideout too but you would need high end gear to flow in those. ” Who are you guys? Asking out of curiosity.

  • Quote from Ashibar: “What do you mean exactly by hire? You want a guild to pay you to join and heal? ” my bad, wrong choice of words. I meant it as in "recruit". I edited it so there won't be any confusion.

  • Quote from LEICHOW: “Quote from teopower89: “Don't worry too much, because by the time you reach 400 spec whatever you chose might have changed multiple times. It can possibly take months if not over a year just for the artifact branch alone. ” in less than a month i went from 0 frost to 1001h 86 great frost / 56 glacial, 56 artifact. ?Doubt it takes months if not a year, pretty god damn easy... Should of seen this game in beta and release, skilling up is a joke ” well I guess it all depends on …

  • I've been playing as holy healer for quite some time now, on my way to 400 spec. Current spec being - 100 divine staff - 100 1h holy + 100 tome of spells - 62 great holy as well as the whole cleric armor set - 100 cowl - 100 robe - 100 sandals I'm looking for an established guild or group that is willing to recruit me as one of their main healers for hardcore pve content: T7/T8 RD in red and black zones avalonian dung hce 9+ Just to be clear, I am not into zvz or gvg. I know I'm missing out on s…

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “t5 crab omelettes + scholar sandals + energetic passive + demon cape or t7 omelettes + scholar cowl/sandals + lymhurst cape either way i would always recommend t4 poisons for pve... healers always have the option of running power regen on any helm ” nah that's not an option for me, I just love the whole cleric set: robe and cowl give me extra survivability that is priceless in high end dungeons and hce, and the teleport on sandals is great when I can't avoid skill shots a…

  • Hello! What cape variant would you recommend for a pve holy healer? I specify pve because I only run high end dungeons and hce. With t8 gear and high spec I TEND not to have energy issues, but occasionally during bosses encounters it might happen that I run low especially in hce. On the other hand maybe this issue could be fixed with energy potions and Martlock cape would allow me to better survive difficult situations and focus the healing on the team rather than myself. Bottom line is: Lymhurs…

  • Don't worry too much, because by the time you reach 400 spec whatever you chose might have changed multiple times. It can possibly take months if not over a year especially considering the artifact branch which requires something like 3x the fame compared to the others.

  • Quote from Maszke: “And i don't really know if the potion counts as a spell, but even if it does, you get very little from it in combination with cleric robe. ” well it would be a 30% extra, IF it applies at all.

  • Everlasting Spirit spell ofthe cleric robe gives 30% healing power increase for 3 sec. If I use a health potion, do I get the benefit from the spell or does it work only if I'm the one casting the healing spell? Thanks

  • As the title says, what do you guys think the least gathered resource is? I'm not talking about profitability. I'm strictly talking about the number of ppl gathering said resource, if there is any difference at all. I kinda feel that stone and fiber may be the least appetizing (probably because the fiber gathering gear looks like a women's dress lol) while hide spots seem full of gatherers maybe due to the probability to drop a cub. Any opinion based on experience?

  • Yield of hide animals

    teopower89 - - Beginner's Questions


    As far as I know, gathering in BZ gives you more fame than gathering the exact same resource in let's say yellow zone. However, does it also give more resources? (Higher yield?) If I skin a T4 animal in blue zone or black zone, given all other factors staying the same (equipment, spec, food and so on) will I get roughly the same amount of hide or will it be systematically higher the higher the tier? Thanks

  • Quote from Osaran: “The patch notes you are referring to are the ones still being tested. As for when that happens, it's anyone's guess, same as the upcoming weapon changes. @'Fusionbomb: He's referring to a possible change where you get to keep the weight increase even when a mount is unsummoned for non ox mounts. ” yes that's the one. I didn't know where to look for it so I didn't know if it was still being tested or not. I was hoping to see it coming in patch 5 but I guess I was being too opt…

  • Not long ago I remember reading in one of the devs posts that they were gonna implement a change to mounts so that for most mounts the carrying capacity would count even when dismounted. Does anyone know or remember if and when this is planned to be implemented? Thanks

  • Quote from jabaa: “are u susing shark and spyglassas ? in the house u cant but house guild u can! @teopower89 ” I don't have a guild house, just my own t8 house on my private island