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  • Hunter's hood? So everybody in our zerg is supposed to wear hunter's hoods and we have to have 15 demon armors to counter 4-6 people playing a broken weapon? Are you really dumb enough to not see the problem with this? Like I said it's a busted weapon.

  • Just get a bunch of damnations in your zerg and you can destroy anybody. Craps broken, it's not fun...Just get more damnations than your opponent and you'll win. The first one isn't too's the second, third, fourth and fifth. reduce its AOE size or something, it's broken. All you can do is have people wearing a bunch of demon armors and even then...still broken.

  • Damnation is incredibly strong right now in ZvZ IF IF and this is a huge IF there is more than 2-3 of them hitting the same area. It's incredibly strong atm, after the first one hits the second and third one and you're done for if you're not wearing plate. I am 385/400 in robes btw not saying this as 0 spec.

  • Well got ur wish, they're gonna be completely unplayable with 30% move speed increase.

  • Quote from Roccandil: “Quote from Shablix: “Quote from NuffSed: “Removing or capping alliances instantly fixes everything everyone is concerned about in the new update. Even the mega alliances wouldn't argue with it simply because they love ZVZ. This would bring so much more content in regards of fighting in open world. One can hope. ” ... TLDR: Capping alliances would be the best update since launch! -Improvement to server stability due to less big ZvZs -More ZVZ/GVG content actually getting fo…

  • Quote from craneology: “1) I don't think you have actually ever gathered, if you think gathering is a risk free source of silver. ” Risk isn't that high...I die maybe once every 3-4 months gathering.

  • Quote from Dc1a0: “Before adding more moderation to it, they should give it full functionality first. I personally haven't noticed the need for chat moderation, but that's because the in-game chat doesn't even allow for scrolling which that alone makes it too half-assed for it to be of any use to me. I just close it and ignore it. ” What? Lol...

  • People are constantly doing this....they'll have a group of red gankers knock you down, and one person faction flagged in their group come up and execute you. It's a load of shit. Make people who flag hostile IN ANY ZONE die and drop their loot, a price you pay for flagging in royal zones. Otherwise this problem will only get worse.

  • Was this the fireworks?

  • resolved

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    You can play the game by doing blue and yellow zone can also do HCEs until your fingers fall off along with tons of other stuff. Enjoy. I can already tell though this just isn't the game for you. I heard recently they're making CareBear Online, this is probably the kind of game for you.

  • Jesus christ.... The devs should just make a bunch of different looking weapons all with exactly the same skills and damage. That way it'd be perfectly equal and all weapons would be the same at everything. You know what though? Then you'd bitch that one weapon looks cooler than the other. All weapons aren't created equal and its just how it can't have all of the weapons being just as good at every different situation in the game, it just won't work. If you're complaining about joining …

  • claymore rework

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    Yeah it's sad too because I loved playing claymore but it's very meh right now....sure 1v1 it's not terrible but almost none of this game is based around 1v1.

  • It does have an AoE(basically)...chain slash.

  • Quote from LROBERTS: “I feel your pain Lyrz, I just had a server disconnect and lost 400k worth of gear!! These server disconnects are really annoying as they leave you vulnerable to opportunists and your just there, unable to defend yourself. Its a joke! If you get disconnected due to server issues, you should get a protective bubble or at least have the ability to claim your stuff back. Its not a genuine kill so why should these fuckers get the fame and glory for it!! My loss was relatively sm…

  • Quote from Grimhawke-EB: “I can't bring myself to consume any yet, even though I have some doubles because it just feels like I am deleting gold. ” Hell no I would NEVER use them...ghost wolf alone is now a billion plus's ridiculous. I'd sell them all very some point I firmly believe ALL of the skins will be sold for gold therefore ruining any value they had. It may not be for another year but at some point I think it'll happen.

  • really ....again

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    It's absolutely pathetic isn't it? A lot of newer players are going to quit and never come back because of these issues. It's literally ruining the game.

  • Solo dungeons are garbage...poor fame, poor rewards, and they're death traps. People are camping the entrances of them so when you zone into one YOU ARE DEAD. You either attempt to run through all the mobs hoping to get a break long enough to a-out or you die. 3-4 people sitting in one solo dungeon waiting for a single person to enter to their death.

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “Quote from GjiGji: “while u are knocked up, the the cape shouldnt deal dmg. ez - problem fixed. simply -> u are in the air. ” Have you ever held your hand over a pool of lava? You don't have to touch it to get burned. ” So it should damage you also if you're standing next to it? It's hot though right?

  • GvG Season 7 Changes

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    Quote from Redsaw: “I like the outposts but the so called "balancing" seems very punishing to those who enjoy GvG, effectively eliminating the possibility for teams or individuals to GvG multiple times per day, this was already a thing of course with not being able to do multiple GvG's with the same character but those who had multiple characters for the sake of GvGing have now had their efforts effectively nullified. ” Pretty sure THAT is the point...there is a rampant issue with alts in this g…

  • Seemed different to me as well but what do I know. It seems mobs leash range in these dungeons was also changed secretly not too long ago.