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  • And an Avalonian Fishing Rod increase your yield even more (if you can afford one)

  • Quote from Yoeri: “Quote from JordWasTaken: “Could you maybe update the guide? im not sure if its outdated now. ” am a T7 fisher with 30 Spec and all you need to do is fish in areas thats a T7-T8 zones or equivalent and you'll start making money. (I got myself to T8 from T7 fishing in 3 days of hardcore fishing, i didn't buy any fishes to boost myself up there) If you are new and is scared of danger, There are Places in the red zone where you can fish and make great money. Try fishing in Highbol…

  • Quote from sandstorm22: “Quote from Wydoyolo: “Quote from sandstorm22: “I'm going to hit T6 level for 4 different resources shortly. After reading these posts I'm really looking forward to gathering in red and black zones ” If you are not in some big alliance, then go with fishing. There is nothing to gather, you will be ganked so many times that one thing u will get out of this gathering bs is gathering fame. Forget about profit. ” Yea staying in yz is where I am leaning. The risk/reward mantra…

  • Depends on alot of things, your build, your PvP skill, your skill in weapons/armor, do you gather/craft yourself, what tier gear/weapon you can or want to use, what zone in BZ you want to go, time of the day etc. And most inportant: What can you afford to lose. You have to find out yourself, sometimes i do SRD in T4.1 and i dont see anyone, another time i go in T6 and got dived, its always a guess what will happens. When i go gathering in T7 i use a combination of T4.1/T7 gathering/escape gear s…

  • [25. March 2020] Queen Patch 8

    Jessie - - Patch Notes


    Did a run for T7 fiber 45 min after maintenance, crossed half the map to find only 2 T7 fibers (1 node 2/3) Great adjustment...

  • Iam ok with T6+ resources are in BZ or red zones, but i dont understand why SBI putted T6 resources two maps or more away from portal zones, If you want to gather T6 closest to portal zones you end in a T7 zone and this dont make any sense. In every T7 or T8 zones are hideouts what makes gathering extremely hard for soloers and for T6 maps you need to traveling even one map further. I dont see the logic about this.

  • Gathering is nearly dead now, even shortly after maintenance most T7 nodes are empty, i did a run 30 minutes after maintenance and after 30 min of searching for T7 nodes i found ONE T7 3/3 node... In every T7 map is at least one hideout and as soon the server is up all the nodes are harvested in minutes, even the T6 nodes dont give more then 1/5 2/5 Small guilds and soloers dont have much chance to get somthing from the pie. At peak times gathering is a suicide mission, if you get spot bij a pla…

  • Quote from Retroman: “ 1) How do you like the current state of gathering? I dont like it, to much risk vs reward because distances toward T6 2) Since Queen, what is the main difference in your gathering experience? Longer traveling times towards T6 resources mainly. 3) From where do you start your gathering? (From an Outpost, a royal city, an outland city...?) Lymhurst 4) Where do you gather? (What tier and what biome, deep in the outland center or on the royals) Fiber, Wood and Hides mainly all…

  • Quote from Ikcen: “Quote from Benin: “It's fun because if you are not in a zerg you can be ganked by not 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 players, but 15 players hunting SOLO`s near the portal exiting the black zone. It`s fun because there`s no CC protection agaisnt huge numbers, so i can be perma stunned. But no no no skill matters, i killed 10 before going down with all my loot. 15 vs 1, what a fun game. ” Find more people, fight back. This is the core of the game, you cannot just play it solo, you have to be…

  • Quote from Omcrazy: “I can't figure out what some of y'all are doing. I've been playing for about 2 weeks now and could afford a dozen sets of 4.1 within a week, I am pretty bad at making money so this is not an accomplishment, just a thing most should be able to do. A single hour in a t5 BZ zone can get you more than enough for multiple sets considering how cheap most 4.1 gear is. Stay away from expensive capes or expensive artifact gear. Go out to BZ and clear some solo dungeons. Take a minute…

  • Even 2 or 3 zones away from portals, atleast if you not got ganked near the next exit, you will get dived by multiple players in random dungeons all the time, its almost useless to go to the BZ solo, you will lose more then you gain. I go to the BZ to hopefully find a 1vs1 but it almost never happens. Wish it was different with more love for solo players. But atleast i can afford the losses.

  • Now there is an IP cap for lesser hellgates, i believe its 600 or 700? but iam curious what tier gear is most efficient repair wise, like T5.1 or flat T6.

  • Quote from Worros: “MMO lad. MMO Mass Multiplayer Online game. Multi =/= single Not sure how else to put this. You come to a multiplayer game expecting single player content and then get dissapointed that it's not there. Ye...that's rought. If only there was some sort of a hint somewhere that this is not a single player game. ” I play MMO's since 2001 and in every MMO i have played there are players who prefer to solo in both PvE and PvP. Even in my first MMO what was Dark age of Camelot there w…

  • Another old man here, i only do solo activities and PvE works fine, but in PvP speed is key and landing some skills on an enemy can be hard with some weapons like spear, bloodletter and warbow as an example. Currently i use the Nature Staff what fits me much better, ok damage, good defense abilities and easier to play for an older gamer like me.

  • Hellgates still skipping !

    Jessie - - Feedback & Suggestions


    The problem with 2v2 hellgates atleast in blue zones is that they are overcamped, I like to do them solo but its harder to get inside then win a 1v2. Maybe more spawn points?

  • Quote from Jikap: “Quote from PickAgodamnhandle: “so what you are saying is. When I find a dungeon and someone's in it. Instead of expressing my displeasure of them having been there first forcing me to leave and find another dungeon one screen away, and bitching on the forums about it. I now have the option of blowing past them, aggro all mobs to lock the chest so the prick who was in there first can't get it. Cause I am a precious snow flake and because I am me and entitled, if I can't have it…

  • Wat is jullie hometown of zijn jullie verspreid?

  • 10 + or never ?

    Jessie - - General Questions & Discussions


    Real man dont need a group ! I 100% agree with Fudgee9, sometimes it gets wrong but in most cases you can live as a soloer in RZ and BZ and make profit and having fun.

  • Dungeon Poaching

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    Quote from WarSmith: “Something I've run into more than a few times, is I'll be running a solo dungeon, waiting on guildies or what have you. I'll clear most, or all, of a floor, only to find that all the chests in the dungeon have already been looted. People pop in, run past all the mobs, and just grab the chests. Worse, I've had someone pull this on me while I was doing the dungeon. There I was, in the middle of fighting a couple tough mobs, and some guy pops in, runs past me and all the other…

  • EU Server

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    Euro player aswell with 100/130 ping, i noticed especially in solo dungeons whathever i try when a mob cast a red circle on me i almost never get out of it in time without a speed buff even when i start moving immediately.