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  • Redsaw's General Feedback Thread.

    SirFapsAlot - - Trade


    Meeting Redsaw about a year ago, I could immediately tell that this guy was not gonna beat around the bush, but at the same taking care not to be rude and just gives off a very professional feel. He knows exactly what he wants and is one of those people that don't just talk big but actually get down to doing it. Which is a rare occurrence in not only this game but in general. It was very easy to know where his interests lie because he's very vocal about it. We've spent a substantial amount of ti…

  • Crystal League and where it fails.

    SirFapsAlot - - Rants


    Sure, hellgates is on demand 5v5 content (unless your gate is camped but whatever just kill them). However when you get into a hellgate it's one fight. No retreat, just head first. Blow the other team up. Sure there are instances of long fights with multiple engages/disengages. But in the end hellgates are just a death match. Death match game modes can be fun for sure. But the deeper strategical element that gvg / crystal gvg offers with holding points of interest, having players respawn rather …