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  • you can try scholar robe, scholar hood if you want to play cheap

  • Quote from Majestic12: “So, I am wearing some armor now that is not far from 100. I understand that after I hit 100 with the mastery, I will start getting fame credits for respeccing. But if my mastery remains capped, I will only gain 20% of the fame value towards the mastery bar. (For example, if I kill a monste which gives 1000 fame, I will only get 200 fame towards that pool). I read that it is also possible to manually remove skill ranks from your bar by paying silver, which would then let m…

  • What to do ?

    hypnoticshadow - - Beginner's Questions


    Yuou dont need to stay in yz what i suggest find a casual guild that doesnt ask special requirements to enter and at least the first times you go in rz or bz bring cheap t4 gear so you can explore and lose only few coins if killed. Tha s my advice

  • Claws are not strong, also for gank except for mount are easly counterable a simple cleanse, double dash, invisibility, knock back etc...swords are definally out of their role fighter weapon must not all that mobility is silly

  • I hope so but the problem of the wormhole if they work as hellgates they will be just campered by guild/alliance that will make enter only their members. Be aware of this dear Devs.

  • The problem is that the new black zone are bad for new players and small guild because even if I like the design if you dont have a guild territory or hideout you need to make too much time on the horse, portal zones are without any interest. And no meaning in make home in the bz towns because prices to equip in the market are ridicolously expensive. Royals are more easy, 3m on the horse and from a city you are in a map that has some contents to do.

  • True Damage

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    Quote from Hanfrost: “Im sorry i dont mean resistance, i mean does bonus damage from different armor types increase true dmg? ” Yeah that s a good question, for what I have tested yes true damage is increased by damage modifier it just ignore the armor

  • Quote from DildoSwaggings: “Quote from CaptainBastard: “Quote from Adhominem: “Quote from CaptainBastard: “Yes I will start offending bloodly me too No I want to see reported people banned ” You are not asking though, you are demanding. You come across as quite aggressive in your demands too. People tend to not respond to such demands very well. Also saying that you are gonna start heavily offending people if it's allowed is also quite aggressive. If you play down a little, I think you would get…

  • Quote from assassinBK: “This is effect troll morons and troll rules in this game. On the past 1 morons with invisibility skills and healing weapon take group of mobs and take all of them to middle party. This shithead go to invisibility and all this mobs attack this party. Next this shithead only execution knockout players. For few months, day after day few players destroy PvE for hundreds other players. On this time was only 3 dungs on red zones and every time that you go to this dung you meet …

  • Quote from Amoebius76: “Hey there, Bloodthirsty Blade stops automatically before it can kill you. Do you remember what other equipment you had? Best would be a screenshot of the exact message you got as well. ” Quote from Deathskills: “I do not think it is a bug since if yall go that way, graveguard helmet is a bug too since it doesn't just downs you or stops you at 1hp... It might make that E into a skill shot if this situation happens often because yall are not careful of your hp while it is a…

  • I add that the islands should be a completely flat terrain and introduce the possibility to buy things for the island as trees, terrain decorations, small hills, small lakes etc...there is no point now in that ruins, flag or trees that can't be removed

  • Quote from kheeta: “For now the only way to deal dmg with 1h dagger is to pare your E with your boots Every other way don’t give you full output While your opponent has boots to - he just walks away for 6 sec and you have to do something for 15-17 secs while your E cds Bleed passive is usable with hunters chest +assassin hood build But you are right all other passives don’t synergies with dagger skills at all It definitely needs something like “Every X attacks you get Y moving speed” or “Every X…

  • So simple question if everyone will buy premium with silvers what will happen?

  • Going back to talk about daggers @Dev: who are the persons you take in consideration when making changes to daggers? Did you realize how stupid is now t4 dagger pair? You changed a skill (Assassin spirit) without any notice in the NDA changes ( both forum and homepage) when the change is HUGE: assassin spirit is now a level 40 skill and only available with tier 5 daggers. Read again the slit throat of dagger pair t4, now people are supposed to charge assassin spirit stacks doing that ridiculous …

  • What is happening to the servers?

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    From this morning when i enter a dungeon or change an area or level (also inside a dungeon) it makes a black screen of more than 10s and then disconnect me, try to login again for many times and be successful only after also 10-15 minutes. I am a euro paid premium user and cannot use the service, is this normal?

  • As gm of a guild of gankers I agree with some ideas: more assist more trash rate up to all trash this because gank must me a skillful activity, ganking in 10 people and catch a solo gatherer is a newbie thing and requires no skill and should not be rewarded. But catch a gatherer alone or small group ( less than 5) is good

  • Dear Devs this is a messagge for you, this a objective analysis of dagger and swords that should make you think you are missunderstanding something: Daggers should be a group of weapon based on mobility and for ambushing people, the rogue, the assassin, the thief wepons...the swords should be the paladin, the warrior, the shiny armor hero wepons this really true...actually I am very sad to say is not, and I will show you now why with facts: let s compare daggers and swords: Q skill: dag…

  • Quote from Amoebius76: “Hey there, Bloodthirsty Blade stops automatically before it can kill you. Do you remember what other equipment you had? Best would be a screenshot of the exact message you got as well. ” I had specter shoes, assassin hood, Hunter jacket, torch, dagger and I killed myself in a black zone dungeon

  • It's completely silly daggers are assassin weapons they need speed and cc, dash was perfect to 11m ( 10,9,8 all ng) don't need damage burst. What they need is a slow or a speed buff on the passive skill. Now carving sword a piece of heavy metal has more mobilty than dagger pair really ridiculous