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  • Redsaw's General Feedback Thread.

    Craggy - - Trade


    I've been taking contracts and doing various deals with Redsaw for years. Very reliable and trustworthy guy who always keeps his word and with deep knowledge of the game always eager to help!

  • Hello, can we have a talk in discord at some point?

  • Quote from Exodus.: “I played during testing phases and up to like 3 weeks, before release. I will need to refresh my mind on gameplay, but will pick up fast. Need a new player friendly PvP guild. ” Hey Exodus, Adhara is an international guild with experienced members who can help new players learn the ropes and extend their knowledge of the game. Our primary focus in PvP and every event we do has Pvp. If you are interested, hop on our discord to have a talk

  • [#1 UK Guild] - The Ape Team

    Craggy - - Guild Recruitment


    Very good guild with amazing people in it! Keep up the great job you're doing guys

  • Quote from Appolos: “hello, I'm still learning but i am looking for a laid back, active guild that i can invest my time into for the long run. Looking for a guild who is willing to help with the learning curve, english speaking for primary language and seeks active players that is healthy in recruiting for longterm growth - I'm looking to be dps fire mage - pm me here, reply or message me ingame when online in afternoon. Thanks for considering! ” Hey Appolos, I would like to invite you to Adhara…