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  • Redsaw's General Feedback Thread.

    SweetandSpicy - - Trade


    I started working for Redsaw 4 months ago, 1 month after i started to play Albion. He is very helpful and trustworthy. I was giving journals to laboreres on his islands and i was able to contact him, whenever i needed something or if there was a problem. He fixed every problem and he always paid me on a weekly basis. Right now i stopped working for him, because i dont have enough time, but this job helped me a lot to earn my first silver and to invest it into my own "projects". I liked working f…

  • Hey guys, iam going to craft a lot of T7 Food and need a T7 Cook and a T7 Butcher with low usage fee. You can add me to your associates and iam going to use only your Cook or Butcher. It would be perfect, if you are in Fort Sterling. Thanks a lot! Greetings SweetandSpicy

  • Thats a good point. A lot of new players dont know, what to do. But i started a month ago and the tutorial is not that bad. It shows you a lot of things you can do, like attacking, crafting, gathering. I feel like a lot of players are skipping the tutorial and thats the problem. It gives you a first impression of the game and the rest is completely up to you. I like that kind of games. Like no rules, no obligations, just doing what you wanna do and when you wanna do it. I dont know exactly, but …

  • Hey Theres a achievement called Expedition Veteran. You need to do 11 non hardcore Expeditions. Iam at 9 at the moment, but i really dont know, how to get to 11. There are only 6 non hardcore Expeditions and only 7 different maps. Can someone help me? Thanks a lot! SweetandSpicy

  • Sleep is for the weak