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  • DDOS solutions?

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    From what I understand about whats happening: the login server and or actual server is being flooded by requests which overloads it and causes the problems we've been experiencing; ie DDOS. So wouldn't a possible solution be: Set up a pre-check/background check server so to speak; ie, when you try and talk to the login server or server, it checks the IP and if it is on the list of an actual player account, it gets passed through to login server to connect to the game and the servers only listens…

  • 5+ hours straight of this ddos S**T How long is it going to take for you guys to get a handle on this? Better be compensation for game time disruption incoming for us; LOTS of ddos downtime this entire weekend(including Monday/today.) Getting annoyed,.. How about a clear message about what your going to do EXACTLY to stop this from continuing?

  • Zitat von Eltharyon: „We're currently experiencing connection issues on the live servers. We're aware of the issue and working on it with our datacenter. We will keep you posted. “ Some reason the server isnt just being restarted? Friday night primetime US,..........

  • Login Queue

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    Direct question to the Developers: Do you guys think this game is not good/is not going to become popular/gain more players? WTF IS THERE ONLY ONE SERVER?!?!?!? Login and WAIT in a damned queue for 50 minutes on a monday at 1:30pm,.....(guessing that the queue primetime tonight will be 2 hours?) Seriously. You guys think this game is going to be a flop? There should be multiple servers. NA, ASIA, EUROPE at the Very least. Login Queues to have servers that dont seem empty IS NOT A GOOD TRADE OFF!…