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  • Gatherer, mounts and overweight.

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    She is NOT proposing another mechanic to make gathering easier, guys! She is saying that gatherers should have the CHOICE to literally give the ganker everything they've gathered in exchange for the ability to have a better chance of escaping with their gear intact. It's a smart idea, considering no one wears T7 or T8 gathering gear because it's too damn expensive. We need solutions like this one, because right now everyone just runs around in T4 or 4.1 gear and it's not fun for anyone (gatherer…

  • arena item power

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    Zitat von Xhodan-Xeus: „Zitat von Elsa: „Zitat von General_A6: „is it calculated with the mastery bonus or without? “ “ what is the point of wearing anything better than t5... if at the end it will just get downgraded by 80%?!?!?! i dont understand and get the point why armor gets downgraded by so much. there really is no point in wearing any better armor. “ @Elsa Please correct me if anything I say below is wrong. There are several reasons you should continue wearing better gear. In Expeditions…

  • Can We Have Your Stuff?

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    A lot of "I'm quitting" posts as of late. Problem: A lot of great gear, mats, etc. is going to waste. I can't stand to see waste of any kind, virtual or otherwise. There are starving kids out there that would love that set of artifact gear you're never going to use again. Solution: A central location where people who are quitting can notify the rest of the community, ensuring all of their hard earned gear is put to good use. Instructions for Takers: Those interested in free stuff, simply comment…

  • @blastix Interested in fighting for your cause. IGN: StyleZ T7 Crossbow / Cloth T6 Hammer / Plate T7 crop farmer T6 mount farmer T6 stone gatherer

  • @Percyvelle Already applied to Conflict and C0nflict. Won't let me re-apply, but would love to get in. IGN: Stylez T7 Crossbow / Cloth T6 Hammer / Plate T7 crop farmer T6 mount farmer T6 stone gatherer

  • Switching Gear in Arena

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    Zitat von Fred_the_Barbarian: „Zitat von Vernafel: „SO MUCH SALT “ gear is basically capped at T6 equivalent? A t8.3 masterpiece hell artifact in arena has 917.6 IP. Flat 5 has 800 IP. If you can't overcome a 117 IP difference then the issue is you're not nearly as good as you think you are, full stop. “ This guy gets it. Switching gear is a non-issue. I have 1150 IP on my gear set and it drops down to 850 inside of the arena. I have NEVER seen over 900 IP in the arena. There is (maybe) a 10% da…

  • Zitat von Sinatra.SUN: „There is a crossbow in many top tier gvg team. As long as a weapon is very good at something not likely to be top priority to "fix". Xbow is good in 5v5's, good in pve not that great in zvz and terrible in open world gsnking. “ Never said there was anything to "fix". More or less looking for community sentiment as to why it's arguably the least discussed weapon (not the least used, not the weakest, the least discussed weapon). T7 Crossbow main here. I'm with you. I choose…

  • Daggers, Swords, Axes, Nature, Holy, Arcane, etc. You know what weapon I NEVER see in the OP/UP section? You guessed it. Multiple Choice: Crossbows are never talked about because... A) They are perfectly balanced and there's simply no need. B) They are so under powered that literally no one plays them and therefore no one cares enough to make a post about how weak they are. C) Best kept secret in the game. Broken as hell. Shhhhh...... I was never here.... D) Crossbows? There are Crossbows in thi…

  • Great Hammer is OP

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    "Great Hammer is OP" False. Great Hammer is the pinnacle of balance in this game. You must choose between mobility and damage, can't have both. They really did an excellent job with how they set up the secondary spells on the hammer line - you have clear choices with clear pros / cons. More weapons should be modeled after the hammer line.

  • Everybody matters

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    Zitat von boli: „reading the testserver patchnotes carefully, in order to find the next broken comp and start leveling that before everyone else, hoping to get a competitive advantage before it's nerfed in 2 months later, because that's the easy way to compete against the current "meta". “ What an awful way to play ANY game... What happened to playing what you like and having fun?

  • Zitat von angrad: „I was once on the forums, and saw a thread titled: "Share Your GLORIOUS Scam Stories!" At first I believed that this couldn't be a shit post, then I clicked on it. I instantly realized I had just read something that wasn't even fit for the filthiest toilet on earth; just pure shit. “ It's satire guys, lighten up. Just looking for some "light humor" as an alternative to all the Doom and Gloom that's on here. Jeez. Why so serious?

  • Zitat von Azlen: „Your "getting scammed" part isn't really a scam at all. You just got killed lol. Just sayin :p “ It's the best I could come up with. I (like to think) I'm pretty smart when it comes to interacting with other players. It was just how systematic they were. We farmed our way about half-way through the dungeon (ensuring I was too far in to escape). And (by the time they killed me) it was painfully obvious they were communicating with their guild friends the entire time - letting th…

  • I just finished reading the most GLORIOUS thread about someone who created a fake account (the name was nearly identical to that of their a target victim - a Guild Leader) with the sole intent of infiltrating the guild, gaining officer status, and looting the entire guild's reserves of gear, mats, silver, and gold... AND IT WORKED!! Salt flowed from the victim with the strength of a thousand of the saltiest seas. IT WAS GLORIOUS!! Truly one the juiciest threads I've read on this forum in months,…

  • Zitat von Xhodan-Xeus: „Zitat von StyleZ: „Zitat von Xhodan-Xeus: „Zitat von StyleZ: „ “ “ “ “ Zitat von Mardonius: „Putting aside you shamelessly copying CaptRussia, what is the point of this post. To pat yourself on your back and e-peen? Or is it an attempt to discredit everyone who has any issue with the game? I earned a couple of million and have T7 Reaver aswell. But that doesn't mean that I think the game is perfect. I am still playing it though so clearly I am enjoying it, despite its man…

  • Zitat von Xhodan-Xeus: „Zitat von StyleZ: „ “ I TELL YOU WTF YOU ARE DOING WRONG!!!you are thinking outside the box in a sandbox game!!!! wtf is wrong with you!!!! “ Curious why you said I'm "thinking outside the box". Is it because I'm not in a guild? Serious question - because I think spend most of my time performing what most would consider to be "basic activities".

  • Zitat von Theat: „I love traveling out to red zones and BZ, picking up players, or getting picked up by a group, staying solo, whatever, running into challenges, PKs, getting kills, getting away, getting cornered in dungeons with nowhere to go, it's all fun! A lot more players would have fun in this game if they got out of their comfort zones (blue-yellow) zones and reap some rewards that come with risk. “ 100% agree. I live exclusively in the red zone - and I'm about to enter the BZ for the fir…

  • Who else has some POSITIVE solo stories they can share?

  • Zitat von Kclikola: „Zitat von StyleZ: „And I’m solo. And LOVING this game - I don't see myself getting bored and / or quitting for a VERY long time. The forums say I should either a) be miserable or b) already should have quit. What am I doing wrong? “ Dude, youre not doing anything wrong, youre doing it the right way man!Glad to see that a solo player is shining in the game and still enjoying it to the full. “ Just bought a full set of 7.3 bro. Been trolling kids in duels with a CROSSBOW!! Thi…

  • Zitat von Imperatornero: „You got level 30 and can use T7, now you're rerolling? “ LOL! I got to level 60 to get to T7. Do you even lift, bro? I have a full set of 7.3 (T10) gear. I know all about the specialization + enchantment system. Did you know that the grind from T7 to T8 takes longer than the grind from T1 to T7? Did you know it's okay to have FUN and ENJOY yourself while playing this game? I'm going to have a lot more FUN leveling a new set of gear than grinding all the way to T8 for (r…

  • Zitat von Banjax: „Just pure curiosity. What weapon/gear set are you using and going to? “ I have crossbow with cloth chest leveled to T7. I'm rerolling hammer with plate chest.