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  • Community News: Writers Wanted!

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    Zitat von Axolotl: „Hello everyone, We are looking for extra Community News Writers. Are you interested in the community, theory-crafting and/or interviewing other players? Do not hesitate to apply! This is a paid position. The writer's tasks include: - Report news and write engaging stories on what is happening in the world of Albion Online, for the community news on the website. - Create build, guild, and player spotlights. - Possible be asked to report on community events. - Possibly be asked…

  • 7days? joke. sandbox = joke, I am ebarassed i invited friends to play.. sandbox is reactive instead of being proactive.. hope they learn from it.. Miss the old SWG, new mmos are just rubbish compared to that even with more technical possibilities.

  • new game name idea

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    Should rename the game to Albioff lag line