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  • Combating "Gold Sellers"

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    Zitat von Korn: „Fellow Korn, “ I have been targetted by a game (that i paid, legally) which can not work, developped, by so called "SBI" who pretends they have a game which is not in Beta. To combat these activities, I have been writing to support, but I got the silence treatment so many times, that I am wondering if they are real... [long story short] Why is DDOS/blackmail the excuse now, 3rd week into the game, while it was not even a concern when your servers where just shit, every single da…

  • Zitat von Bercilak: „Hello everyone, we just wanted to inform you that the problems which occured yesterday were because of a DDOS attack. We also received a ransom demand from the attackers. There is a huge probability that these attacks might continue. We are actually getting reports of increased traffic from our hoster (UTC 12:25). We will keep you updated about the situation. Update: (UTC: 13:43) There is currently a DDOS going on which will cause login problems and disconnects. We are sorry…