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  • What do I do now?

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    Zitat von ineran: „This is a sandbox MMO. In sandboxes, the sand doesn't entertain you with content. You make your own fun. Like, you could build a sand castle, or a sand turtle, or like a sand village. But the sand box isn't going to build it for you to come play with. So... go build a sand castle. “ I did but at the top of the pyramid there isn't much sand its gvg after gvg to take land to make more money to repeat that scenario but why make money when you can already afford 8.3? what reason w…

  • What do I do now?

    Drfinch - - General Questions & Discussions


    Dear Albion players + Dev I spent a lot of my time running a guild then I hung up my hat and moved on but now I see little left in the game What do do ingame now? I have 11 million fame and its all combat/pvp I have done gvg iv done red hellgates Now what have I reached time to wait for new content now? I think the largest problem is I have little reason to progress at this point other than to brag that you have a big pvp fame but that is not something I like I was hoping some update would come …

  • Zitat von Kehlian: „HI guys ! I recently decided to focus on sword and spear as my two main weapons. I'll be using mainly sword, so I have questions: what's the best off-hand ? (also apply for the spear, btw) I know shield is the best for PVP, but for PVE I still hesitate between horn and torch. I got both T5 items (though I could sell the horn for quite the bit of money) Which one would you chose: horn, or torch ? and why ? Thanks in advance “ If you arnt gona use a shield Id suggest not playin…

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  • Zitat von Dreamerbg: „WE cannot play at night cuz of lags. But those lags are not because the server isnt EU based. Those problems are server problems that they (the devs) have no clue when they will be fixing them and also there are Maybe ddos attacks at this time of the day. “ This isnt a post about the night time lag that is a different problem one that does need to be addressed non the less

  • Zitat von Dulu: „Clearly, it's not hurting EU if the best teams have EU players or are ALL EU teams. “ As responded already I cant imagine you are from EU or have played in higher tier PVP if you feel this way the ping is a clear disadvantage it forces us to have slower reactions by definition.

  • Zitat von Dulu: „Two of the top three GVG teams are Russian. Another is German/German/England/US/US EU players are fine. “ Thank you for you insight but I'm fully aware of this on a general EU players have always surpassed US players in gaming on a general basis this does not mean the lag for them is a disgusting disadvantage.

  • Before a bunch of people jump on and say the game is meant to be cross world this is a fine setting but we have two huge issues plaguing Albion currently one of which is massively over population of city's now you could follow to routes make the game about 3 times bigger or just add another server. Another issue currently is the ping in Europe being a big disadvantage on NA players The new server could fix these large issues or you could just triple/double the size of your map and (Somehow? spli…

  • there is plenty of 30ish man guilds that own territory's if you want to participate put in the time if you cant be bothered dont expect rewards you are a prime example of what ruins today's gaming filthy casuals whining because they dont play as much so they dont get rewarded do you go to work for half a day and expect the same pay no so stop whinng and go play mariokart

  • Great more stuff nobody gives a crap about good job Albion ! Keep working on absolutely nothing! Already lost about 50% of ur player base keep going buddies and ur game is gone smart CHOICE! wait mabye we should rework the entire game again like the last 3 times.

  • Carebears and casuals in a sandbox pvp game should just quit the game gets ruined when derpy whiners complain about mechanicis # BRING BACK GANKING

  • Removing the ability to put gold into our guild bank is so frustrating we use this as our primary currency for the guild you removed a feature that is great to prevent gold sellers learn from other big companys mistakes gold sellers never stop you can just lower them down a bit. Put the feature back please so our guild can enjoy functioning the way it has.

  • I have noticed the strength in casters in this game I think this could be healthy resolved with some auto attack resetting and melee being slightly more competent in 5v5 not to mention we could use some more deeper skill trees, because we are able to reach tier 7 already which says a lot for the current content available Id like a much larger grind possibly something more like 100 tiers I guess this is a dream but with the money input after launch its surely something that could be at least thou…

  • Smart cast Auto attacks resting for stutter stepping to rise the skill ceiling MORE TIERS Most are at tier 7 in 3 days we need more badly More things to do with crafting