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  • Zitat von PrintsKaspian: „Ice Storm (Glacial Staff) Can now be cast in a 11m radius and then moves 23m forward from that position. Cast Time: 2s → 1.5s “ Just so you know: this won't solve the Glacial case. Stacks have a too short duration, 3 minutes of theorycraftings are enough to see that Edit: - Bridgewatch mount (Moa) is now way more interesting than a direwolf: cost is way lower + mount has more base HP (why did u nerf the direwolf then?) - Dungeon Problem (see this post): just so you know…

  • Problem is not the anglia dungeons tier, problem is now the number of dungeons: they are going to do the same mistake they did in Beta 2: too many dungeons... Having so many dungeons will just kill any pvp related activity, and i'm not even talking about the placement of those dungeons (see Stenchriver) feelsbad

  • Merlyn New T5 Dungeon

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    So, Merlyn brings us a T5 new dungeon. It's a really cool new dungeon, and really funny to find "the Tree" but please, i know you are proud of it, but: Why did you put it every 2 maps????

  • Just came back from Holidays, here is today's content First vid' is meant to be funny

  • Make premium cheaper

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    Zitat von Lapadia: „I already paid enought buying the game. Why should I pay more to enjoy a game i did buy already? “ The game doesn't work this way, it needs a constant income of money to be maintained. I know it may be too hard for you to pay for such a thing, but there is a lot of ways to do money in this game, even by doing PvE. If you only focus in PvP now you don't really need premium tho

  • Zitat von Silks: „It does, because it would solve the gear trash problem that SBI wants to solve.Actually, the reward for ZvZs would still exist, even if the loot was gone, since ZvZs are always about people contesting territories, warcamps, etc. I do agree that lowering the reward while making the risk remain the same could be bad and thats why i suggested that multiple assistances kills should have increased trash rate, but the calculation for the trash scaling should take much more variables …

  • Zitat von Silks: „I understand the fact that big guilds are worried about their relics in ZvZs, but cmon if you play ZvZs for the loot, you are doing it wrong. Ok loot is an important aspect of the game, but pvp balance is way above in terms of importance here. You rather have unbalanced pvp with loot, or balanced pvp with loot everywhere except in zvzs? 100% trash in ZvZs > Overcharge idea imho “ I personally don't care about the loot, but a lot of people do and they are not wrong at all. Also …

  • HCE admins

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    Zitat von Raithe: „I'm gonna just breeze right over the hypocrisy there. Unfortunately its a lot worse than just moving portals. Due to the changes in the map, centralization, the removal of risk from all areas of the game, the removal of natural trade routes (not contrived trade routes that will likely function as well as every other bandaid SBI has dreamed of), blah, etc.......they cannot just remove these things nor can stuff just be balanced into the the OW. Systems that balanced each other …

  • Saya stole me 40m i need help

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    Zitat von Abdulkarim: „Hello, i decided after read her investment service to put on 40m to her before 2 months i said today i need them she blocked me without reason i need justice “ You should either provide a proof of what you're saying, because you must have one, Or just stop spreading false rumors, because you are only harmful to yourself here.

  • Zitat von Wein: „Hommie, you lost the whole point. The percentage of trash should increase in fact as the IP increases without adding the spec factor. This feature is designed to reduce snowballing. Regards! “ This feature doesn't reduce snowballing as it claims to do. This has been discussed for pages in multiple threads including this one, and i hope you have read and understood that. It only does a gear sink, so i'm adapting to that. Also the fact that enchanted T8 gear gives less than 100 ip…

  • HCE admins

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    Zitat von Mojapompis: „Besides more gear broken means more investment in gear = more ppl buying gold= more profits for the company “ I don't think you are right here: The point that was told is that high level gear used in HCE will not be used in openworld/ any activity where the risk of losing it cannot be avoided. The only cases where 8.3 gear was used was in GvG (for mercia city plots mainly) and it was really rare. This means that this kind of gear wasn't used in a regular basis implying pri…

  • So here is an idea (based on others) about overcharge trashrate. base gear trash rate could be 18%, Reduce this trash rate accordingly with the item power without the specs factor. let's say every 100 ip = 1% so 700ip gear would have 18% - 7% = 11% trash rate while 1300 ip gear will have 20% -13% = 5% trash rate. But: every 5 minute, while overcharge is active a roll happens Making overcharge Toggleable could add an interesting management of this feature: - if toggled on: every 5 min a roll happ…

  • HCE admins

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    Zitat von Mojapompis: „Just implement a chance that your gear could be broken if you die . “ Rofl

  • So why would dev fix something that isn't broken?

  • I think the best way could be to setup a system similar to buildings on houses / guild halls: - setup a tax for every laborer in it - all the tax output go in the building (no need for you to check every laborer) - is'nt laborers output already linked to a character? I think it's the best way since it's the most simple to introduce (in terms of dev time) We could also have a much more complex system if laborers comes into dev focus: - a tax on each laborer - link the output to a bank chest (such…

  • Isn't the stone price the same since monthes ? If so that means the demand is still high and doesn't require other boosts...

  • Zitat von Hollywoodi: „Rofl, do you know in how many solo dungeon ..4 people enter do something different in there? Do you know how many dungeons for 3-5 people get soloed by single healer? And btw ..your 5 man HG is for 4-5 people.. is that all "abuse" for you? “ ok so is it harmful to have such groups in this dungeons? People come right after them, find no mob, that's it... now they can wait then do what dungeons are intended for: PvE Hellgates are not the same case, since hellgates are d…

  • Zitat von Seraphimos: „Im pretty sure, that im at least have decent knowlege about zvz and still more than you. sGyqU3K.png The reason i going to zvz is not loot, so i dont care if there will be 100% trash. That mechanic will stimulate craft alot and its good. Right now its cheaper to buy gear, than craft it even with focus, couse people sell loot from zvz for half price. And higher chance of trashing in huge zvz will help this situation. Also small scale pvp will be still ok, so smaller guilds …

  • do you realize that 5v5 hellgates are for... groups of 5. Btw hellgates are different from GvG, it's meant for people to 5v5 whenever they want and with low gear. Or it would be 2v2 hellgates... Wait that already exists! Energy for overcharged was proposed in a public thread, it's not round table related. Since when do you have to listen to minorities prior to majorities? Stop being mad because they don't let you abuse features.

  • Overpowered/Underpowered Items ? NDA patch notes are in this section too. There is also another section if you want to suggest a new item.