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  • I'll quote everything then. Zitat von SirusX715: „I don't disagree that deadly shot in it's current form should be kept around. Like you said, it's useful to have for some pve/faming content. This thread has people saying deadly shot needs to do x, do more damage, etc in this thread so that it can compete with the fire q for 5v5. I just think that whole line of discussion is dumb. Let the fires and frosts be the ranged q spammers. Let bow be different. “ The 1st paragraph supports keeping deadly…

  • Zitat von SirusX715: „Let the fires and frosts be the ranged q spammers. Let bow be different. “ That's some interesting logic there. You want frost/fire to be the ranged Q spammers and yet want to keep what is basically a copy of frost/fire Q unchanged. How exactly would bow be different by copying a Q from frost/fire?

  • The point of Q design is that it is meant to be used a lot right? The only things that really work with AA are pretty specific (please do add more when you think of more): - instant casts that don't hinder AA use - AA mods that directly strengthen AA's in some way - buffs that don't hinder AA use Given how every single skill outside of deadly shot and rain of arrows is an instant cast, how about making a Q that gives CDR? We currently have a buff that makes skill CD faster. We also have the abil…

  • Zitat von Stravanov: „Why is auto attacks the "nature" of bows? A build with Deadly Shot clearly doesn't use Explosive Arrows, Speed Shot or any of the bows that have an AA E-ability. “ Because it is? Because 85% of the kit supports that it is? Because deadly shot being incompatible with 75% of the W's says it is? Because deadly shot is the only skill in the entire kit to have a cast (and therefor makes the inc cast speed useless to 92% of the kit)? Even the passives support the claim AA is the …

  • Zitat von Stravanov: „I'm not "bringing up" multishot and poison arrow. “ Ok, you just quoted me, quoting you bringing up multishot (lower damage) and poison arrow (slower damage). To "bring up" means to bring into the discussion. Do you read what you reply to? The only things we are trying to get addressed are deadly shot (because it is a cast) and rain of arrows (because it is a channel). Zitat von Stravanov: „I'm saying that Deadly Shot is what you take if you want to sacrifice the utility fr…

  • Zitat von Stravanov: „But an AA-centric kit has high mobility by default, which allows bows to kite. “ Every kit has mobility by default. Every kit allows you to walk at 100% move speed by default. Add the W's to that and THEN you get the high mobility you speak off. Zitat von Stravanov: „If you want something that complements that, you go for the two instant abilities. Being instant, they don't hurt bow's mobility. But they come at the price of lower damage (in the case of Multishot) or slower …

  • Zitat von Stravanov: „EITHER having high mobility OR having high damage “ Then I think it can't be damage because of the mobility W already offers. Given this line of though, bow is already there (which it is, just not great). The participants in this discussion acknowledge bow "works" it just doesn't work wonders but that isn't where the discussion is going into anyway. We're looking at deadly shot and its clear deviation from the bow's current (and seemingly future) iteration. Cast times and c…

  • Well, I ask because I wasn't really satisfied with en drain. I can understand en drain on a W, but on an E? Which bring me to another concern. I would assume E is reserved for damage, more so on an AA centric weapon that lacks burst. That philosophy does fit with 5/6 bow E's. You would really have us spend an E on utility? On the other hand, if the bow were cast as long range harassment damage (not intended to kill), then that would fit. But that would mean 4/6 bow E's would have to be reworked.

  • Zitat von Nvs1980: „Frankly, all bows should just have a way to make their auto attacks 15m (ie. make deadly shot a toggle to increase range) so they can legitimately pressure the backline the whole fight and actually use their E skills for the kill. That would give them an actual niche a team can be built around. “ Then what should whispering E do if you are giving the range inc to Q? Without the range increase its just a ranged version of dagger E. Given how it is generally accepted that peopl…

  • Easy farm gathering

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    Or they add farm hands to do this all for you per plot of land with a "harvest and replant" button.

  • I don't even understand why arcane still exists if so many thing will ignore it.

  • Guess I'm still only using explosive and undead arrows.

  • So let me just get this straight, is it the general consensus that bow be made into the ranged AA weapon? Zitat von Zhanak: „1st Skill (Q hotkey) Multishot: Nothing to complain about this skill. It is a good AoE damage skill. Deadly Shot: This skill is just not funny to use. You have to stand still to cast it for a very small reward, it doesn't offer anything attractive to the bow's kit and get outscaled by the next ability (in damage and mobility). With the new change (resistances shred) in the…

  • Zitat von Morkiz: „I guess all they have to do for this skill so it actually be useful for bows is to make it instant cast with 2-3sec CD, maybe reduce the damage a bit and increase the duration of debuff to 6-8sec. “ 2 (multishot and poisoned arrow) of the 3 Q's are that already. We don't need a 3rd. Look at some of the AA weapons like spear and dagger. spear: lunging strike, spirit spear dagger: sunder armor, assassin spirits (though assassin spirits is on vacation) bow: multishot, deadly shot…


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    Doesn't all this do is make more weapons we don't use, like what we have now?

  • Don't lobby for it to be a cast. There are 2 other Q's for that. Lobby for making it a buff like spirit spear that way bow and whispering can have a Q that actually synergizes with the kits.

  • So I came back recently and just now decided to look at my arcane (to find it's different). Before the change I could tank via aggro from shield + inate aggro multiplier from plate. In a dps role (not really) I would feed energy and beam the most pimped out dps in the group. Trying arcane now it's almost the same for tank except I dunno what to do with W anymore. For dps supporting was straight up nerfed so I'm guessing I have to actually do damage now? So I need cast time oriented gear?

  • I'm still hoping for something like spirit spear Q instead of being a damage cast. At least it lost the cast time though.

  • Design and Community

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    Zitat von Windoen: „if these new capes would have any abilities (i.e. q, w, e) “ They said passive abilities BUT I am hoping for this specifically. The problem is how do you make Q's that apply to every weapon?

  • Maybe Some gunpowder weapons?

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    Zitat von Nvs1980: „a melee oriented healer “ I actually asked for this last year. I wanted mace (hammer and mace seemed pretty redundant to me) to fill that role in the name of balance. Each armor type has at least 1 weapon for healing except plate (holy for cloth, nature for leather, but nothing for plate). The closest thing I can come up with that fits the theme of a gunpowder/ammo based weapon is the explosive shot AA mechanic. To differentiate from bows, guns could get limited ammo buffs (y…