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  • What youre both failing to realise, is that herbs, crops and meat arent just used for feeding animals, in fact its arguably the secondary use. The primary use of those things is food and potions, and all different types of crop, herb and meat are required. Having said that it would be interesting if feeding animals was related to tier, to make higher level crops etc even more in demand. Maybe it isnt like that as the cost of said high level crops would skyrocket.

  • Quote from Qomble: “I just got muted. Reason: spam Can you please explain to your chat moderators what does SANDBOX mean? and ask them to be fair, or control what they're doing. ppl scamming others with duels everywhere. nobody cares. I asked (twice) for some silver to re-build island (it was about 12k or smth like this) on my alt - got muted. by the way, i paid for the game. nothing else. ” If you’re that lazy that you resort to begging in an online game then you should really go away and re-ev…

  • Quote from Ragu: “Take away the bonus you get from using city plots versus your own island's and watch this issue vanish over night. ” You’re under the miscomprehension that it’s an issue. It isn’t.

  • Quote from dfgfdg: “Hey Adam Smith you are player112 new alt ? ” I dont think he is. Player112 was far more articulate.

  • Quote from AdamSmith: “Quote from Predatz: “Hi ” So finally, you did not respond the mails but you are here, How do you feel about forcing shop owners about tax ratios? How do you feel about destroying the capacity level of low tax shops? How do you feel about creating monopoly? When you gonna stop? LIKE HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED TO STOP THE CARTEL? like when you gonna feel like oh thats enough money? 1000billion? 100000? ” Never before has one single word of greeting caused such triggering.

  • Silent moderation?

    Midgard - - Rants


    Sad that you created a new forum account just to troll about this. GTFO .. no one cares about your politics. EDIT: I donated on my primary account as soon as it became available. Ive just now also just donated on my second account on your behalf. So ... your complaining here has directly resulted in the WHO getting more money. Congratulations ... you're a winner. Your'e welcome.

  • Quote from Ferndor: “Except there is a time cost. 1 book per 22h. So the throughput does not change at all. ” Thats not a time costs to you .. thats a delay in getting returns. As piddle said, all he serious players who spend a lot of time doing labourers will just ramp up their operations if there isnt a time sink to doing it .. I know I would. And players who are put off by the time investment will also get involved. Result is the markets collapse over the high rate of resources now flooding i…

  • Quote from Ferndor: “So for example ..... ” We know what you mean. No thanks.

  • And opening those chests to put the books in and take the resources out ... wouldn’t that be a bit of a chore?

  • Uninstalled but nothing better to do in your life than troll the forum of a game you don't even play. Loser.

  • Quote from HUMILITY2020: “Did anyone realize, if it wasn't WHO giving wrong advices, the virus wouldn't spread as wild? If this wasn't funding WHO I would buy 10 of these. It looks nice and I love the initiative. But sometimes best intention doesn't necessarily mean that it's the right move to make. WHO is not helping that much. Google it yourself. Please choose a better organization next time. I am just sad when the money paying might not be what we wished for. Still, hope all the suffering cou…

  • The 350LP and 30k focus apply to the first purchase of premium in any given character the 1000 gold and skin is a once per account special offer. Using this offer also gets you the 350 LP and 30k (which as I stated above is standard will all first purchases)

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “The COVID-19 pandemic has already touched millions of people worldwide, with countless more expected to be affected in the coming months. To assist in the fight against this crisis, we've created a new, limited-time Charity Pack with all proceeds going to the World Health Organization. Click here to learn more:…-solidarity-response-fund ” As its us, the players, who are raising the money for a good cause ... will we get to know how much w…

  • Worked fine for me .. the items are pre-applied to the vanity tab.

  • Quote from aith8rios: “This isn't game breaking by any means, just slightly annoying. ” The game is schooling you for poor use of the English language.

  • Most people can only dream of 80 ping ...

  • Quote from Krausladen: “I'm DONE! Uninstalled ” Did you have any stuff left I can have, or did you lose everything?

  • You and thousands of others. Don’t hold your breath waiting for any compensation ... you won’t get it. SBI don’t return items in the event of these incidents.

  • Premium tax and purchase

    Midgard - - Beginner's Questions


    No where does it state that you get a discount on an island with premium. Premium is required to buy an island so it would be strange to offer such a discount as literally everyone would get the discount (as no one without premium can buy the island) the 12% is based of the price of gold (known as global discount which also affects repair costs and market taxes) and this can and will change with the gold price. You don’t get a horse,, it’s a horse skin. Press V for the vanity menu and the skin c…

  • @Eltharyon You keep introducing measure after measure after even more contrived measure to try and solve a problem that you should have realised by now that you probably cant.. Players will work together. The most organised guilds and their leaders understand that this is a socio-political game and that working together with like minded capable groups equals greater power than working alone. Despite your best efforts to control this you have pretty much failed time and again, and yet you plan to…