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  • Now that is some serious salt. Whatever keeps you playing, but wow "show us where oops touched you".

  • Why I Quit

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    i mean fair enough, but that sounds like syntax or hair splitting more than anything. question answer for me, ill continue to say i purchased with silver.

  • Why I Quit

    Noreaga - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Quote from Midgard: “Quote from MissBehave: “Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “1. I really don't think you're qualified to comment on the economy if you believe buy orders break any system. 2. 5v5 stuff is more for the late game I admit, but there's no reason you can't join a zerg or ganking party and be effective there in 4.1/4.2. 3. You're really vague on this. 4. If you're not able to sustain premium you're just plain bad. You get 10,000 focus a day. Use it. Also, subscription is not nor will i…

  • just an FYI, the plot crafters you find in the cities return a percentage of your mats back to you. if i remember the beginner crafter guys don't, so yes not free but absolutly paid for with the Mat return.

  • Quote from ZaZii: “The happiness doesn't adjust instantly, so when a laborer hits lvl 4 from lvl 3 in a lvl5-furnished house, he shows that he's at >100%, but he actually is not. So with the real effectiveness of <100% when sending them out, they have a chance to not bring 100% - which for trophies means 0. Since experience on return scales with what they found: 0 findings -> 0 exp. The other extreme is when laborers are >100% and you throw trophy books at them. They have a chance to bring back …

  • happened 2 more times this week t3 trophy journals. t5 house and furniture at least 110%

  • Quote from letwolf: “Tank, arcane, stone gatherer, chef. Best - tank with arcane staff, with stonehammer and cook's hat. ” god that sounds so boring, and i am one of those few that likes to heal (even if everything is the healers fault no matter what).

  • Quote from Circe1872: “Auto use LP has nothing to do with what is tracked or untracked. If you hit 30% in anything its using your LP. Its stupid and idk why anyone uses it. ” i actually use it on occasion. Crafting mostly, but sometimes its good for mastery in combat.

  • Quote from Kissmequick: “Quote from Targun: “Tracking has nothing to do with the auto LP spending ” Behold, the remaining players of Albion. Clueless. ” didn't understand this one. as in you were clueless for not knowing that ? or targun is clueless for being right?

  • Alt learning points

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    gotta agree just too easy. The cost of premium is not large enough, i can make enough silver in 10 days off of my labourers only for 9 month of premium (3 X 3 month packages). Meaning that i get access to 60 LPs a day, which is massive. for example weapon crafting LPs level 85+ are around 50-60 at 30%. Imo it would ruin the entire economy/ money making as we know it.

  • lol, good for a laugh. funny to see perception vs reality.

  • -35 again... can i be salty?

  • sure, id love to have this. Its just not a good idea, it would throw the economy into chaos. mats would be worth less, items would sell for less. in about 10 days i can get enough money to easily buy 3 months of premium for at least 4 characters. That is 900 000 focus times 4 characters (3 600 000). I could not log into those characters for 89 days, spend 4 hours burning through all that focus gain 48% on every step of the process and then not log in again for another 90 days. The point of focus…

  • little necro, but i wanted to confirm that this does happen (confirmed just 10 minutes ago). I just opened a new island and im getting my low level guys up. I did 7 T3 generalist books all at 110% and 1 failed book return (empty) no trophy and no exp (what im most pissed about). not the first time this has happened to me, but thankfully its never high level books. Out of my 30 laborers i think this has happened 4 maybe 5 times in the last 2-3 months. not enough to be able to recreate but enough …

  • now that you are fixing 1 of the 3 things i posted, i thought i would make a new list. 1. personal and guild island favorites (scrolling through 100 islands because you did not think that a T would make it a giant PIA. 2.personal and guild island favorites. 3.personal and guild island favorites That is all thanks.

  • Quote from darceydad: “who are EOS? ” Good giggle on this one.

  • Quote from PezDSpnzr: “Quote from TimForReal: “Quote from Headstrong6666: “GvG= guild vs guild amirite? build a team lol this isnt the fucking world cup or the olympics, you get attacked whether you have a team or not you assemble your shit. Or gag on OOPS' dong, ya know like machete has been doing his whole career. Tea Party has always been OOPS' cannon fodder ” ” ” LOL, so much insult fail. i came here for intelligent trolls, go back and do it again.

  • lol don't understand this stuff, bunch of dick measuring to me. The ex guildie Slypanda one made me laugh, that was some saltiness.

  • 2 YEARS 5 MONTH Later...

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    Quote from Omezin: “Quote from MemphisWade: “I'm sort of in the same boat, except I did play on my computer quite a bit, while wishing they would just get it on iOS I exhausted all of the content and became bored with it in a very short amount of time. ” Did you used to play runescape and if so how does it compare? Albion Online does seem quite grindy, hopefully it comes to iOS sooner rather than later, but you can check my posts hostory and I have been asking about the iOS release all the way b…

  • Gathering Nodes Changing Enchantment

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    happens all the time to me, if i spend more than a certain amount of time in one map the old enchantments will not reset until i take 1 mat from it. i can either re-log or i can leave the map and come back. Otherwise it looks like 50% of the BZ tile is enchanted. Oh god it is annoying when you find a .3 (especially T8).