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  • This is even worse idea then capping alliances to 300 accounts. Like why - you just force alliances to abuse creating sub guilds or maybe splitting the alliance and that's it. You don't solve ANY problem with this ridiculous solution, just make another feature which can be easily bypassed and will just make quality of life for players worse.

  • Shortcut of this change is pretty much: When you want to fight massive alliances but end up killing smaller ones. This is pretty much near to no change for alliances like Squad or PoE, but alliances like ARCH, Bacon, Surf etc. just got a out of nowhere news that they will die on February 26th.... mid season. Oh and also newer players, good luck with getting into Blue Army Freeman, Crimson Imperium Newborn [...].

  • @Retroman / @PrintsKaspian / SBI Developers passing by - I would have a few important questions for You' if you don't mind. 1. "The tower can be channeled by the defending guild to end the attack" - if I'm not wrong, this pretty much means that you already need to hold enemy territory before the fight even starts, right? I can see it becoming incredibly bad mechanic, as you pretty much need to either hold your territory way before the scheduled time, or attack it way before it, making it possibl…

  • The Battle of Caerleon

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    Quote from kamilasd1: “Will the invasion take place in the outlands or in the city itself? ” I would like to extend this question In case invasion takes place in Carleon itself, will it be the main square, portal gate or would both of them be connected like in old times? In case invasion happens to be only in outlands, will portal zones be converted into blue/yellow/red zones, or will they stay black? I'm asking this since I would love to see this being an actual world vs invaders event and know…

  • Nice joke, you got me on that one D:

  • Quote from Bogul: “Quote from Mytherceria: “( ... ) are currently in the backlog ( ... ) ” Please use sparingly. This phrase and its variations are known to cause PTSD in the community. ” Most true thing I saw on this forum from a long time Saying that something is in "backlog" is like saying something will be added in like 1/2 years, soooo

  • Quote from GlassCannon: “Quote from bmizzle: “good now if we can just fix the client we'll be all set. fps dropping from 130 to 20? like wtf? ” Good it’s not just my PC. I’ve got an nvidia 1080ti graphics card and last night my PC fps dropped to a stutter in game (never seen that before). I was dropping settings left and right to mid level instead of ultra and it barely helped. ” Albion Online is made in Unity Engine, which is well known for being super bad at game optimization since it uses C# …

  • Quote from Grimmlook: “No mercy for buguser / cheater / glitch exploiter i vote for Permaban ” No.

  • That's a SOLID roadmap. Great Job! Also - what "Avalon" is suppose to be? Can we get at least a tiny hint for what it will be? New world boss, I guess? It looks like it's like 4 times bigger then Carleon on map (or even bigger), so maybe new dungeon that is made of like 4 clusters+, just like in old days of Albion?

  • Umm, I like Horse Simulator. Whole thing is complicated, so it's hard to see what it will bring, but one is pretty obvious for me: less content for more riding time, which is bad. Another thing is that we are over a year after game realese - guilds like Blue Army have mandatory alts, and so after this change everyone will abuse alts even harder then it is now + players without alts will have even harder time then it's now. I can see that it could help, but I personally have a really bad feeling …

  • There is a lot of people that used Yolo Mouse, so I just found easy solutions: Add option into the game to change your Mouse Textures (there is few of them based on action). You click the button, choose from .png file that has to be ex. size of 256x256, select and here you are. Quite easy to implement, and super useful. If developers would not like to add it because it could break the immerse of the game, you can just add a option to add Halo Effect (Unity build in function that makes your Textu…

  • Quote from Sinatra.SUN: “Well first of all its “realistic” and second it completely changes zvz fundamentals maning giant zergs less effective. It wouldnt kill tanking in dungeons but it would definatly change aoe farming where you throw frost, raining arrows and drops meteors on top of your tank :). I beleive a aoe heal should actually aoe heal, and that you arent immune to damage if the one dropping a meteor on your head happens to be a friend. Sure some effects might need changing , but it op…

  • Quote from Veetus: “Quote from DuendeBrek: “#1 Need to be able to progress character development through player-versus-player combat. For a game that revolves around PVP, it is absolutely egregious that you cannot "level-up" while playing the game's core feature. The powers-at-be absolutely need to figure out an appropriate solution to make this happen. ” The reason this is not a thing, is mainly because it can be exploited. In a perfect world, without exploitation, this feature would definitely…

  • I have one more! This one will 99% never happen (just like most you guys mention), but it could potentially make game more interesting, "fluid" and open. - Use SpetialOS as Mutliplayer Solution. [remove zone system] For those unfamiliar: SpetialOS is Multiplayer Solution that have unique look at how your game multiplayer works. Im not sure, but as far as I know Albion uses Photon as multiplayer solution, which is for sure doing it's work, but it is not focused on making servers cooperate, but ra…

  • Uh, one thing is not enough at this stage, but I will just follow above without longer thinking: - map layout.

  • Misc NDA

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    Quote from letwolf: “not so small to mention : a cheap clarent. ” not so small to mention: a nice looking clarent.

  • Broadsword

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    Holy crap, don't leave it as it is. Making it a Clarent is good enough when it comes to usability and development needs.

  • I think that this in addition to more movespeed (about 15% more!) will make Swords (Broadsword and Clarent) being used.

  • Misc NDA

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    In my opinion all of new changes mentioned here are very good: - MS change makes game more alive and possibly even more skill based - HP change helps against 1 shoot as Retroman stated above - 20 seconds is like okey-ish in my opinion, I feel it could be introduced, but I don't feel a big need for it.

  • Amount of Fame needed is ridiculous in compere to that it gives you almost nothing. Anyways - just do it.