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  • And everything should be back. -Talion

  • Currently, the client download doesn't work as intended - as a result, server has been taken down for another short period to fix the problem. Hopefully, this only takes a few more minutes. -Talion

  • Updated the OP with new time estimate 13:00 UTC. -Talion

  • Hello everyone, We are deploying Queen Patch #9 today. We'll also be conducting some infrastructure work during that maintenance. The daily maintenance is expected to last until 12:30 UTC. Edit 12:21: Work on the databases is taking slightly longer. We now expect the server to be back by 13:00 UTC. Edit 13:05: Currently, the client download doesn't work as intended - as a result, server has been taken down for another short period to fix the problem. Hopefully, this only takes a few more minutes…

  • Quote: “ if it doesnt work i will find you.... and i will kiss you <3.” If it doesn't work, then that's unintended behavior. No need to threaten me with signs of affection! -Talion

  • Cant download.

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    Should / will slowly get better now. -Talion

  • Quote from RazoPL: “Quote from Luquee: “This option was available after the end of the avalonian invasion for players who already had an island I don't know if there is a return plan. If you have nothing on the island you can abandon it and create another in another city if you have buildings destroy them all to get resources back and do this (When you leave the island you can create another by paying the initial price of an island, it will return to the level at which you left it) ” do i need p…

  • Cant download.

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    Thanks for letting us know, we're having a look. -Talion

  • Badon-Bogen unterbricht nicht mehr.

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    Danke für den Report. Ist bekannt, wird gefixt. -Talion

  • Quote from Doowie: “It's been a while ... moving to another country, getting married and having a little baby girl! But it's time to reinstall .... @Talion @Elsa and the rest of the community a big hello and glad to see you're all still active and keeping Albion Online alive & well I'll see you all ingame very soon. ” Are you ****ing ****ting me? You? ... NOICE. Welcome back man! -Talion

  • That's definitely not how it should be, as both platforms should go through the same currency conversion during the purchase process. We'll have a look. -Talion

  • Hey there, It's very hard to give a general statement on what constitutes prohibited software/cheats/tools. While there are a lot of cases of "clearly okay" and "clearly cheating", there is also an almost limitless amount of possible fringe cases. Hence, first and foremost: if you are unsure if a certain type of software or tool is allowed or not to be used with Albion Online, please ask us, telling us exactly what specific thing you'd like to use or do.A few pointers: - Anything that gives you …

  • Hello you wonderful people, Today, we (probably) have two hotfixes for you. 1.) DONE - During Daily Maintenance, we have deployed a hotfix that solves an issue with a territory mage respawning prematurely and making life difficult for attackers. Back to "no Mage respawn during an ongoing fight". 2.) DONE - We will fix a visual glitch where you sometimes see some mounts floating statically in the air. This is will be a client side hotfix. The client will be compatible with the previous versions, …

  • Unrelated: willkommen zurück. Lange nicht gesehen. -Talion

  • Quote from Sutemi: “@Talion das bedeutet wenn ich einmal meine Insel besitze auf meinem Char, dann kann ich sie auch notfalls umsetzen ohne erneut erst Premium kaufen zu müssen? Das wäre natürlich super. Denn wenn ich dabei sterbe verliere ich ja restlos alles (bis aufs Premium Gold). Also auch mein komplettes Silber was ich bis dahin besitze. Oder gibt es eine Möglichkeit das zu schützen? ” 1.) Korrekt. Außerdem ist, dank Outland redesign, momentan ein kompletter Umzug der Insel möglich, ohne s…

  • Quote from Relgok: “Nur solltest du in eine andere Stadt wollen. Dort bräuchtest du Premium um eine neue Insel zu kaufen falls du die alte auflöst. ” Nicht ganz Die ersten 30 Tage Premium fungieren wie ein Unlock. -Talion

  • Noted, thanks! We're looking into it. -Talion

  • Website is broken. Can't buy premium

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    Hullo, Could you PM me a screenshot of the error message? -Talion

  • Quote from AfroDoom: “Add to list: error in manually setting party role ” This seems to be bugged for DPS only. Will be fixed with patch 2. If you encounter other issues with it, please let us know. Quote from Worros: “Main screen upon loging in seems to gray out for a sec before becoming usable. Minor visual bugs appear every so often: Entering "Caverns" random dungeon has a visual bug showing 2 huge floating bears at the very entrance. You can sometimes see a bit of a loading time of other pla…

  • Hello everyone, This is the current Known issues List with the Queen Update and the projected times for fixes for them Fixed with Queen Patch 2 (05.02.2020) - Tier 7 Ocean zones contain an incorrect chance to generate low Tier fish - Incorrect IP of Royal cloths and capes Fixed with Queen Patch 1 (29.01.2020) - Windows 7 blackscreen and disconnect issue - Dungeon chest loot distribution and empty chests in Solo Randomized Dungeons Fixed with Hotfix 3 (25.01.2020) - Avalonian Fishing Rods are not…