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  • Caerleon went above 1400 people, and thats not even that bad considering its only 3pm EST. Wait until tonight

  • No one cares about pvp text, they are too busy pvping.....

  • Not like theyll change anything. But its annoying that you intentionally shut the servers off with a 2 minute warning, but take away 10 minutes of progress.

  • Quote from Tadeu: “No, does it change anything? As I said, I even gave up playing right now, it's impossible to leave Fort Sterling. Had I known beforehand, I could have gone somewhere else. Everyone is raging on the global chat, so it's not because I don't live next door to the server. Also, shit happens, I could've DCd because my cat tripped my connection cable. It's just not the case. Even Blizzard gave people extended account time sometimes when they mess up stuff, so why wouldn't you be nic…

  • He already has gear on him, he would have to leave it in a bank or trash it to get naked and travel for free. Start walking through safe zones. Its going to take you a while but thats your choice.

  • Quote from Bailey: “Quote from Korn: “Our policy is very clear: botting, scripting or cheating of any kind results in a lifetime ban. No exceptions. ” AFK Macroing is just used to not get auto logged out and land in queue, or am I wrong on that? Seems harsh. Then again, there are no more queues so why clog up the servers. ” Because thats the system they put in place. He broke rules that he agreed he wouldnt break. Simple as that. It very clearly states that you cant do it, and he even acknowledg…

  • Quote from AnDoR: “Quote from Sempermalum: “That is what you get for trying to cheat the que system. ” Cheat que system? What do you mean? ” He set up a program to keep clicking his mouse so he couldnt log off. The last few days have had hour long queue times to get in game. So he went about his day cheating the system making it think he was there, when he wasnt, so he could not have to wait in the line when he actually got back.

  • Quote from AnDoR: “Quote from Vagabond: “"Without first warning or small punishment." You are right, after hours of macroing, they should just summon a GM to tell you : hey Andor, we saw you xD, hahahaahah no excuses, this time we will just give you a verbal warning, gg bro, hi5 ” They could put me in jail for one week or month. Dunno, but not a perma ban.Game was released recently. Give people time to adjust. I mean I am not a bot, gold farmer or something. ” You signed the agreement stating sp…

  • Quote from Korn: “Our policy is very clear: botting, scripting or cheating of any kind results in a lifetime ban. No exceptions. ” It is up to the discretion of the game designers. you knew what the rules were and decided not to follow them. If you read the ToS and conditions you would know they automatically perma ban, there are no second chances. Sucks to suck.

  • Youll be okay.

  • Trust me, you aren't fooling anyone when you try to say you admire that house, or paid $100 for it. You paid $100 for 2 days headstart and beta access. Plain and simple. The house looks like crap and gives nothing different. Houses are also irrelevant other than a place for a few laborers and chests.

  • Quote from nolleo: “Quote from Drakhar: “you being a founder had the chance to get the legendary founder before your own fault for skipping on it They market the house as lf only, thats what i paid for aswell, why remove it now? Would make zeto sense for us LF And what about the name trims and avatar trim? ” by your logic i shouldn`t be able to use legendary founders items, but i canyou didn`t think about it, have you? ” Meanwhile OP is using a Legendary horse, only given to LEGENDARY founders a…

  • This morning at approximately 0500 EST we were given a 2 minute warning that servers were coming down for reset, most likely due to black screen issues. I made the comment why couldnt they just handle it with maintenance but then said whatever. I was farming in black zones and proceeded to go to a safe zone and log out for the night. I repaired my tools at a repair bench and logged off. When I logged back in I immediately noticed my character spawning out in the wild as well as losing progress t…

  • Cant get online.

    Unknown3088 - - Bugs


    In game is just fine, probably better since none of you can get in... so much fun gathering with no competition

  • Quote from brokenReaper: “in what ways is this game even near 30$ worth?= i am very curious i mean theres alot of games that offers much more content,complexity. etc for far less even f2p... so how is this game worth 30$. Sell it to me. i can go and play Runescape or BDO for free and well ye. you get the deal ” Then go play them. If thats your attitude no one cares whether or not you play here.

  • English speakers from Red Army are Money Guild. War Legends have a 4500 person alliance and cant even show up to gvgs, and when they do, they get smoked 150-0. Mainly Money Guild owns Mercia, EoS and War Legends the center, and no one cares about the west.

  • Random disconnect kicking everyone. Unknown how long itll take to get them back up. No warning and no mods.

  • Constant disconnects and lag

    Unknown3088 - - Bugs


    Everyone across the entire game got disconnect. Great job.

  • They keep saying restart. The problem is the chats are bugged so no one can read that servers are going down. So people are being PK'd in black zones and dying to mobs and they dont even have a chance at surviving.

  • Too bad you signed a Terms of Service that states that they cannot guarantee there will be 100% uptime and that accidents and technical problems can arise. Too bad you signed a Terms of Service that nullifies any and all complaints. So in short, shut the fuck up, because they wont compensate you.