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  • Assassin hood bugs out and can't be used

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    This happened to me ~5 times during the span of 2 cgvgs today. I try to use the assassin hood, but it self cancels and says interrupted every time, the only way i can use it is if i use another ability first (obviously in this case i had no cds up so i couldnt) very annoying bug pls fix

  • This will do the exact opposite of you want. Guilds will start selling sesaon points, or giving their allies points more effectively. Also this will only make guilds care about terries for the last 2 days or so of the month, the other 28 days will still be worthless please dont make this change

  • 1v2 is possible considering the quality of most 2v2 players, no reason to remove it All they need to do: 20k hp on the chest (rn 2100) Only the team that kills chest can loot it you can instantly leave the gate 3-5 min after the chest dies

  • This video is private and this isnt a bug

  • Looks like the siege camp timers still have an issue. Every city except thetford has 2 18UTC timers and 2 3UTC timers, while all 4 of thetford (NA 1UTC city fight) warcamps are at 18UTC

  • Quote from Sgtbloodelf: “(moderated) ” and respawns with triple the ticks for t7, double for t8. Its literally the same shit except the nodes cant gain more stacks over time, why are you having an aneurysm over this

  • Quote from Sgtbloodelf: “(moderated) ” wtf? this is literally just a change to fix the fact you have to constantly dismount to hit 1 tick nodes, relax its good

  • Caerleon not being set as last city

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    Since the update this morning/ when using /suicide, only your last royal city will appear as an option. If the last city you visited was caerleon, it will not update and instead give you the option of home, or the last royal city you were in before entering caerleon.

  • Laborer randomly returns no items

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    This happens maybe 1/200 of the time when i am collecting books from laborers, i open the laborer and there is just nothing in the menu, not even the empty journal. It is not a visual bug, started noticing it when i was always 1 empty journal short when i was selling them. This is what it looks like, just an empty menu, not a visual bug. I should be getting mats and an empty journal

  • Quote from OriginalGangster: “Quote from Eltharyon: “Hey everyone, thanks for all the feedback on this topic, so far it seems very clear. We'll leave the poll open for a while to collect additional data and think through our options. At the beginning of next week we'll let you know how we'll proceed on this topic. Sincerely, Robin 'Eltharyon' Henkys Game Director ” There is a known alliance that I will not mention to not make this comment more controversial which is making a mandatory for all me…

  • Quote from Voltel: “This will hose over the average alliance. Large mega groups will organize and work together no matter what arbitrary limit that is set on alliances or guilds. And this is kinda counter to this game being a sandbox. My suggestion is remove caps on guilds and alliances all together and allow groups to set standings so that smaller groups can band together easier and fight larger groups. More organized groups such as the current large alliances which are the best organized group…

  • Turn on friendly fire, lets small guilds NAP more easily and keeps all the benefits of alliances in the game


  • Quote from ImaDoki: “I believe the point here is: If you LEAVE the city you lose your home. I don't think deep blackzone guilds should have an impact on Royals unless they are willing to sacrifice their home. ” what kind of “impact” does one have on the royals? there are no terries to take from small guilds, no castles, no major objectives that zergs care about at all. The only reason a zerg would go to royals would be to do faction warfare, which is 100% OPTIONAL content for solo players and ge…

  • Not all t5 zones should be assumed free to take, there are some very important ones (see the one west of glacier fall fissure which arch grabbed before anyone else came by)

  • The general flow of the event is pretty similar for high end zergs I was on my laptop (few years old, not nearly as good spec wise as my desktop) for the first time since queen and every fight was playable, which hasn’t always been true in the past. Usually 20fps when I used to be frozen, so performance has been MUCH better.

  • Not yet, looks like we will get them in queen patch 2, hopefully with the changes to homes resetting on city respawn

  • Quote from PeteTong: “The idea overall is good but I'd make it so people loose their lock also upon entering red maps( or maybe only if going hostile in them), Travelling between hideout's to access islands, city facilities, market etc and been able to move around through blue/yellow zone is a great addition but if you want to stop harassment to low Outlands you might as well stop it in Red zones as well and I don't feel the point of living deep in the new Outlands was having easy access to both…

  • Great change

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “I think you are all wrong. Once this is all established, small guilds simply can look for a nice T5 zone. Then they send an email to the owner of the territory and ask nicely if they can seddle there. The owner of course appreciate this and shows them a nice place where they can put their hideout and happily helps placing it. The small guild pays 1 mil silver per month, and the mega Alliance is happy they have some company and someone trades low tier resources with them. …