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  • It sucks that scumbags are attacking this company after all the hard work they've put into creating a fun game. I hope you've contacted the police (or whatever the proper authority is for something like this). Whoever is doing this should be in jail. Keep up the fight guys we're rooting for you. Ignore the trolls that don't understand how hard you guys are working to get this resolved and more likely have never spent a day of their life in IT nor understand how complex/difficult things can be.

  • I tried them as well and sold them pretty quickly. They were very underwhelming.


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    Heavy armor does seem to need some love in my opinion. The armor it provides for the decrease in damage doesn't seem to make it worth it when compared to leather. Also, if you look at the character build tool there seem to be much less builds using heavy armor. I didn't do scientific research nor count them but it just appears that way to me when I was looking for a viable pvp build with heavy armor. No st use leather or cloth.

  • OX overpowered

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    I think ox are fine. They are slower than other mounts and can carry more.

  • Quote from glokz: “Guys, there is SHADOW UPDATE. Please download new client its working fine.. Basically android users ARE SO FUCKED UP - no notice, no official info just shadow updates all day... Only way to find out is to compare KB Size of app on PC. If you dont have PC forget man, trial and error forever.. Its not nice guys!! Information is EVERYTHING ” Thanks for posting this. After reading your post I uninstalled and downloaded/installed the latest .asp from Un…

  • After the maintenance window I downloaded the .apk again and installed it. The first time I launched it I jus t got a black screen. After closing it and running it again I was able to log in but none of the problems have been fixed though. Still no char animations and black screens when zoning - especially in cities. Running on an Asus Zen Pad S3 10 - Android Ver 7.0.

  • Quote from glokz: “Now black screen on login (instead of trailer). So list of bugs on android : - black screen on apk start - black screen on changing locations - animations bugs - performance issues ” Still getting the same (except black screen on apk start) - even after the change/maintenance on August 4th. Everything else though I'm still having the problems. Im on an Asus Zenpad S3 10. Android ver 7.0

  • New android client is bugged 01/08/17

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    Quote from HeavyT: “I'm getting same problems, -no animations on characters, mounts ect. -black screen while changing zones especially in crowded cities -glitchy graphics, warped textures -random crashing while in crowded cities -showing 2 different terrains at the same time -npcs blocked by terrain glitch ” same for me. On Galaxy s8+ and Asus Zenpad S3 10.

  • Quote from Fuzzle: “Hello Redkiy, I really like your ideas. I agree with instating some sort of pvp arena/battlegrounds (kind of like World of Warcraft) if they plan on continuing to make it difficult for open-world solo/small group pvp. To go along with your guidelines of the idea, I would have an arena where it's still full loot (like red/black zones) and one where it's not (like yellow zones). The "red/black zone" arenas would award more fame and the "yellow zone" arenas would award a lower a…

  • I agree 100%. Would like to be able to do group expeditions with less than 5. I play this game with my two sons (under age 12) and would love to be able to try these expeditions with them but don't want to have others in the group. Keep it the same difficulty just allow less people.