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  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “8b876ec24d4dbca9c41c1abd75786ca1fdbe9bba.png The COVID-19 pandemic has already touched millions of people worldwide, with countless more expected to be affected in the coming months. To assist in the fight against this crisis, we've created a new, limited-time Charity Pack with all proceeds going to the World Health Organization. Click here to learn more:…-solidarity-response-fund ” It's good to see more efforts are made to help out with …

  • A person with the name Whatascumbag is complaining about a guy saying mean stuff in-game to him, you know the mute button works if it's to harsh for you. Also, no, it's a bug, but thanks for the helpful explanation.

  • No channels are working, only say channel works.

  • Who in their right mind decided that this was a great idea to judge whom should hold territories and ultimately the control over hideouts? If you can't win against them during territorial fights, you damn well won't be able to stop them demolishing your hideout. Honestly, it feels like the dev's just sat down with Blue Army and other ZvZ Powerhouse and asked them what they could do for them to make it so they could get their "revenge" on GvG based guilds. Not to mention this line >A territory ca…

  • Excuse me, but where is the gear that people have in the Guild Bank in City Plots? I bought 12+ Tab's in the city plot and was under the impression it would be recoverable in the guild island, but it's not there.

  • I was on the test server and checked the guild bank on the island, nothing, so where is it?

  • Quote from Fudgee9: “As a new player, I'm excited and thankful that I can try this mount. Seems badass ” And you would be sad and disheartened if it was a new mount and the old mount you could purchases if you really wanted it with a bit of silver?

  • Quote from SHARKY: “Quote from Alysandra: “You really think people will start using them right now because they re-released? Are you that dumb? People will do what people always do, they will hoard, they will save, they will speculate, and honestly, i don't give a fuck about the mount, i give a fuck about the lazyness of a company to gives zero fuck about their playerbase, also, to the people say "be lucky you have a chance to get one", we pay for the monthly, some of us with real money, some of…

  • Quote from Bogul: “You were not even here last time when it was released, when everybody though this mount was great and the whole playerbase wanted it. But nobody used it because it just turned into a speculators item and didn't get used in combat. Can't you figure out why this is a good thing that we can finally use these instead of putting them into a box and never looking at them again? Your laziness to try and see the bigger picture is appaling and this thread is bullshit. Do you have no sh…

  • "PEST LIZARD: This month, you'll have another chance to claim the Pest Lizard" What is this bullshit? I was not even here last year when this was released, and even i'm furious with the lack of respect for the playerbase you guys have, you can't figure out something new to give? The laziness is appalling.

  • Mule Race Failure

    Alysandra - - Rants


    How could you not foresee the amount of people that wanted to join something this fun? First you tell people to be there 17:50 Server time and use stone to teleport, no direction where it would be or anything. You don't explain the proper rule's in it but say "follow chat instructions" And you lock it after 2 stones open and closed so only a few people got into the race. This is so fucking disrespectfull to everyone that rushed to Caerelon and got a mule and got ready only to be denyed entrance.…

  • Is it bugged? I'm trying to make a 3 man group team build and can't search up my name, or my builds name to add it, thusly i can't publish it.

  • Failed to connect to server. Only some of us are getting it. What's going on?