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  • [26. February 2020] Queen Patch 5

    cuatro - - Patch Notes


    All the t7 and t8 I've seen are still 1/3 or 1/2...

  • Quote from Box20: “Love how they asked for questions and after getting them they just noped out for 2 days straight ” Lol it's the weekend...

  • The PVP fame for some people using this API endpoint is billions of PVP fame off:<GUILD ID>/members A specific example:…P-iSqSfYEPJou9mSA/members GM of CIR now has 78,076,122,293 pvp fame: Source Code (12 lines)It is also reflected here: It appears this started happening after the Queen update. Naismith before the update had 7,807,208 pvp fame. Here is another…

  • PvP Fame has been borked.

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    were you banned?

  • Fame API seems to have stalled again

    cuatro - - Bugs


    When using…rs/Jyg10qdzQCCQGQwgrGHReg or…mMyTbGgFasFF3jsvA/members None of the data has been updated for 2+ days for every person or guild I have checked. What is the frequency of when this data is updated?

  • killboard event api gives stale results

    cuatro - - Bugs


    Yea guild members seems to be stale from yesterday as well.{GUILD_ID}/members For every guild I have checked all the timestamps are from: 2019-08-12T00:16 or 2019-08-12T00:17 I believe they used to be updated once a day before the data center move.

  • Quote from Erehwon: “They've only gone and done it again! sbipleeeeze.PNG ” why??????

  • attached picture of the map where there is no attack path available to Elmcopse.

  • Fps drop in city

    cuatro - - Feedback & Suggestions


  • When the city zone hits 400+ and it auto hides the player models everything is extremely fast and its easy to get through town/market. Could we have a graphics option so we can enable this at will. This would be extremely helpful on mobile or shitty computers.

  • Quote from Lars024: “I believe the calculation is wrong in that cooldown modifier makes cooldowns go faster. not reduce the cooldown. as example, lets say a cooldown is 60 seconds like you calculated with. it regens at a speed of 1/60th cd per second. Now what the difference is here is that the 60 is not reduced but rather the 1 is increased. This gives us a regen of 1.16/60th cd per second. making the total cd time 60/1.16 = 51.72s which is very close to the value you experienced and can be exp…

  • Any update?

  • Quote from MEATCUP: “Quote from Bigshoes: “There's diminishing returns on cooldown modifier, so when the items are all equipped you get less then adding together each item individually. ” I think it's just one item.. ” Correct. There is only 1 thing equipped that has a cooldown modifier so diminishing returns should not have any effect.

  • here is a clearer example using a 7.1 mistcaller and the cooldown on a merc jacket bloodlust Source Code (10 lines) Something is definitely not correct here. 1.2 seconds could be a big deal in a close battle.

  • I dont believe the offhand cooldown modifier is actually reducing the cooldown based on item power. In this picture the top portion shows no offhand and the cooldown time is 2 seconds. In the lower picture the t8 torch is equipped where it shows it should have an 8.2% cooldown reduction but the inventory detail stats screen only shows 7.6%. The tooltip shows the actual cooldown is 1.85 seconds which is also 7.6%: (2 * (1-0.076)) = 1.848 = 1.85 instead of the 8.2% cooldown of …

  • trying to log in to the test server and its asking for a security code that never gets sent...