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  • Forum is quite active. However, sometimes your question may end unanswered. Good luck on your journey in Albion!

  • Premium is per account and the server in the Phone is the same as the one in the PC. So, yeah, premium will work for both.

  • Todos os 'nodes', ou cada árvore específica, tem um contador de hora em hora. Quando esse contador bate ele dá 'reroll' na qualidade da árvore baseado na chance do mapa em que ela está. Em suma, dá pra concluir que, em uma hora, o mapa inteiro muda em termos de qualidade. Mesmo que ninguem pegue uma árvore excepcional, por exemplo, ela vai perder a qualidade 1h depois que ela ganhou a qualidade.

  • Rapaz, você notou os fatos certo mas concluiu tudo absolutamente diferente da realidade. Existe um tempo 'variável' de respawn. Uma árvore 6/6 não está contando esse tempo porque está 'full' Uma 0/6 ou 2/6 ou 4/6 já está contando o tempo, e vai encher antes da que voce acabou de cortar que estava 6/6 porque ela vai começar a contar só a partir de agora. Uma árvore ser ou não pega não interfere em outra árvore de forma alguma.

  • HO Items

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    Click on the Scroll next to the door. You can 'retrieve' them after 30 days for a cost... but the cost is quite high. What you can do is ask to reenter the guild to retrieve your stuff.

  • Quote from McDobs: “This might sound/and be stupid but I'm gonna ask it anyways. If it says you are not eligible (will not be for 2 days). Is there nothing that can be done? Seems a bit unfair to be honest, since I'm actively working with the guild to help them achieve the goal and not get anything. (maybe guilds could give "something" in order to buy days for some members?) Like energy and whatnot. ” Guild Season will still last for more than 20 days. Just wait those 2 days

  • With my actual knowledge i would venture into black zones the moment i unlock Expert Reaver.

  • Why not? Let's play a guessing game 15 april 2020

  • Grovekeeper was way stronger than all other stun weaps. It is still the strongest after the nerf. Just by this you can understand how strong it was. And you even get two jumps and an AoE armor breaker (that is superior to 3 stacks of sunder armor, which is single target.).

  • Quote from Roccandil: “Quote from ImaDoki: “If there is little to no gank, people will bring better gear and suffer more of a loss when the gank eventually happen. If there is too much gank, people bring shit stuff and the gankers start leaving since it's not worth the time to gank. ” You're assuming that the people being ganked continue to play the game. I'd consider that a bad assumption. ” If people can't take being ganked they are playing the wrong game. Unless the game is totally unbalanced…

  • Anything regarding the really low number of T7 rare fish compared to before? Or am i being just extremely unlucky? In a day of fishing in a T8 map i got 173 t3, 66 T5 and 2 T7 rare fish.

  • Spear still have it's space. But it's not the brainless uncatchable/unrunable it was before.

  • "Grizzly Bear" adventurer's reward mount

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    Transport mounts (Bears and mammoths, basically) doesn't apply on foot. The strongest mount able to carry weight on foot are the Boars (Direboar and Spectral Direboar, also the faction Boar)

  • 20% mana bar is a buff though. High spec locus waste more than that.

  • Quote from Roccandil: “Quote from TheGreek: “And it is vital for the economy of the game. ” While ganking does trash items, it also depresses activity: the more successful ganking becomes, the more the risk/reward equation fails for players, and the less gear they will risk. This is like a casino charging a massive entrance fee, trying to compete against the casinos that lure people in with free stuff and easy wins. ZvZs, on the other hand, trash an incredible amount of gear (I've lost far more …

  • Black zone and the Portal

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    Not really. If only they attacked you you can enter the portal. If you use any skill on them, like Wind Wall, pulse from healing staves, any skill that do damage, etc you are 'fighting back' and can't enter the portal. This is the reason most people use bloodletter as weapon of travel, you can W dash (don't put you in combat) and then E dash (if you hit someone with it you enter combat, if you don't you don't enter combat) to gain space. Using invisibility also doesn't put you in combat (hellion…

  • Enjoy a game no one is going to bully your fragile ego.

  • Quote from Chieftain: “As a solo player, I am curious to learn what kind of experiences other solo players have had. Feel free to post whatever here, but I’ll leave you all with a few specific questions if you feel like answering. 1. How long have you been playing? Since the launch, july 2017 2. Are you gathering? If so, what are you gathering? What tier? Red , yellows, blacks? Yes, i gather everything T8, even fish. I focus on T7 and T8 zones blackzones. 3. How has your gathering experience bee…

  • The death of daggers?

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    Quote from Equart: “@ImaDoki It can oneshot even now , last my video was with this changes(HP buff). Even after CC buff it can oneshot people. It is still one of the strongest 1v1 builds . - First problem is that you need max specs in it and minimum 8.0 - 8.1 items (for CC duration) , on top of that you should know in what order you should press buttons. - Second - it is not working right now because you will never find 1v1 fight (mostly) , meta changed drastically. - Third - price , Royal helme…

  • Quote from OceanSpirit: “When is the crafting system going to be reworked? ☹️ I became a crafting specialist so I could make ultra rare and powerful armor and weapons....not mass produce garbage and sell it in the black market. The crafting system right now feels very unsatisfying. ” Focus could just provide higher chance of better quality instead of Resource Return Also... where will the Godlike (+200 IP) quality be implemented? (My dream)