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  • What mount you was using?

  • Игровой момент , такое не наказывается не в одной ММО игре , кроме пиратских Л2 серверов

  • Well probably you are right , but later i will suggest an option how to rework some aura AOE spells , hate how does some spells work on a few heavy armor types right now, including this new Avalonian heavy spell.

  • This fun moments are from content creator Jonah Veil Gaming! Here is his: Twitch - YouTube - Let's Help him a bit Support him via subscribe on his channels! Do it right now

  • If this spell would be as unpurgable aura with same effect , so you would be able to use other spell - it might be cool.

  • @Zulmer Haters is the most loyal audience


  • Пробовал , тебя телепортирует обратно ,как и при других мувмент спелах. Толку от этого прыжка почти 0 , вроде есть возможность задоджить резко несколько безтаргетных спелов (и то ,то что тебе кажется что доджится Qшкой - спокойно увернутся можно обычной ходьбой) , есть пару исключений, но в основном работает именно так.

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “The thing that concerns me most, the trashrate request was supported by so many people, I wonder why there was NEVER at least an official comment on ..yes no .. ” They might think about it in next content update , since it will be focused on small scale/solo content. I would even block gear swap in this new 1v1 Dungeons , otherwise people will scout enemy build and counter it. Quote from Tabor: “I am not seeing any survey emails Equart. But yeah seems like the easiest way…

  • Good, very good idea! Great job! Would like to see a "Sword type" weapon , but anyway - i'll support this idea via $. Hope you will add in future similar wardrobe for $

  • Quote from OverLife: “Quote from Korn: “Hi there, 1) As Retroman stated above, the #1 player on the leaderbord generated the silver amount by simply saving a very large number of silver bags and then cashing them at all once. 2) Regarding the chest hunting in high end PvP zones as shown in this video, please note the following: - It happens in a few high end full open world PvP zones - The number of chests in those zones is limited Hence it is an activity that is self-balancing due to risk vs re…

  • Quote from olkep4: “У Е-шки парных кинжалов есть каст 0.4 сек. И после этого каста еще есть анимация, где - то на секунду, из - за которой ты стоишь на месте. Можно ли сбросить, как то эту анимацию? ” Увы нет , это так называемый StandTime. Портит очень многое , вот уже который год борюсь с ретроменом что бы он уменьшал ее до минимума или вообще ее убирал на многих пушках Слава богу хоть у новой Q шки у дагеров ее сделали минимальной после моего фидбека и других игроков на тестовом сервере, инач…

  • Trash rate would be nice...Btw there was a fresh survey , check your email guys. So about trash rate. - When you are as solo player dying vs 3+ man (assists will count) , your trashrate would be 90% - This rule will not work , if you was in group 10 mins ago ( so people would not abuse it) - This rule will not work , if you are on battle mount. This ez fix will change lot's of things in a good way. Please , stop this insane "snowball" effect and easy gameplay for groups @Retroman

  • Quote from iRawr: “ And support gives the wrong information? ” It "almost" always do , unfortunately , especially the Russian one. Hello Anton , dont know why he is still working on SBI

  • Em... i think i got problems with sense of humor

  • Interrupt

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    Such mechanic exist in the game for years. Working on Claymore's E spell too. Working with any interrupt spells in the game. I bealive there is a short time frame in 0.1 sec + - when cast time could be interrupted. @Amoebius76 can you tell , is it an old bug which could not be fixed , or intended mechanic?

  • Quote from aurizd: “068f501edcdd5c80a3a66070372b357f.png i know chestrats can from chests pick 2kk per h max 3kk. ok here 70 ” And they are doing this 2-3kk via Bug too Inviz/Aggro bug , it is working for several years and Devs are not fixing it. @Thorn-Delwyn When you will fix it? If you need any evidence i can give you minimum several links on YT videos xD But i can bet you know about it.

  • +1 Lot's of simple things could be implemented into the game.

  • HG 2v2

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    So Ratting is still possible , as was expected. Yeap , it is much harder. And now you need expensive gear , more then average gameplay lvl , plus you take lot's of risks. @Retroman You can fix it , by making chests to reset , like any kind of mob. Or adding any other ideas/mechanic. I'm asking you not to do it. Leave this "sandbox element" in the game, in current way as it is now in Patch 8.0.