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  • Decorative items bug?

    ArcticWolf97 - - Bugs


    Hello there, id like to report a bug with a decorative item i encountered today which really sucks, because its actually an item i have wanted for a while and upon recievieing it, i cannot activate it to my account, it appears to need to be equipped to work still like they used to be before queen update is there a known bug on the go for this now? or is there a way this can be fixed? i have a screenshot showing what i see when i try to use/ click on the item, it is a Keepers decrorative cape ite…

  • so in places like BZ or RZ, enemy vanity armor (not weapons) will not be visible right? if it is that will make things very hard to tell what someone is wearing at a quick glance when debaiting weather to fight or flee and nobody wants to see a plague doctor randomly start using a cultist robe meditate when he appears to just be a plague doctor wirh a sword ganking you