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  • Quote from iRawr: “Quote from tabooshka: “Quote from iRawr: “more auctions, less price ” you mean, more auctions, higher price ” If aucion will be every week - the time of winner use the plot also will be ~7 days, not 30 as now.Cartel cant can't get that much silver profit for just 1 week of use of each plot. So the price for the month of usage (Win 4 aucions in a row) - may be higher, but the price for each plot for 1 week will reduce at least month\3. ” or you will pay more over a course of mo…

  • Quote from iRawr: “more auctions, less price ” you mean, more auctions, higher price

  • then you just zerg the zones outside your cities prime time and dont have to worry about defending, which is what happens currently just look at squad and poe, when was the last time they actually fought in fort sterling/lymhurst area?

  • Quote from Sylvek: “I hope that's not a whole Patch note because if it is then that's a little bad thing: There was an announcement about "fixing seaweed economy" - if there will be more chances to get seaweeds i dont see it would fix economy of them - they will get cheaper a lot. ” thats the point of it being cheaper and actually making sense to get them previous way of fishing for "trash" was far from fun.

  • So you just invented an easy system to boost guilds within your alliance by dropping territory to them one day before reset. This is also once a month thing, so significantly more real fights sounds like a lie.

  • Quote from Banditino: “Quote from tabooshka: “Quote from Banditino: “now the dash is useless... 8 m for an assassin weapon, really a joke NERF ” its actually a buff for "assassin weapon" since the 15% dmg buff is better than range ” ofc not, range is better than damage in this game ” ok bud

  • Quote from Banditino: “now the dash is useless... 8 m for an assassin weapon, really a joke NERF ” its actually a buff for "assassin weapon" since the 15% dmg buff is better than range

  • I mean, you can just win an auction anytime, not his problem majority of people dont want the headache of manging a plot

  • it is pointless, and if you actually cared about a problem you would read 20 threads before it

  • Quote from ManicReaper: “This suggestion is for all Dungeons in all Tiers, has nothing to do with just T8. But thanks for the pointless comment. ” this thread is pointless as its baseless and you dont provide the actual value you get from chests, you just tunnel on black market drops which has nothing to do with actual chest value

  • next to no risk solo fame farm shouldnt be giving more than 1mil per hour which for sure you get more than that per hour on average And dont use 'but mahhh silver i use auto respec' bullshit Loot is rewarding enough. You getting one item =/= actual chest value, get educated before making baseless sugestions

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “Anything regarding the really low number of T7 rare fish compared to before? Or am i being just extremely unlucky? In a day of fishing in a T8 map i got 173 t3, 66 T5 and 2 T7 rare fish. ” i got 5 t7 rare procs in a t7 zone in less than 15 minutes, which was like 12 eels for me, im only t7 so dont proc x3 much And im very glad you dont have to fish for trash anymore and seaweed is part of regular fishing.

  • Quote from Ikcen: “Quote from Guerilllaa: “Bring back the zvz that was here before disarray, wasn't anything wrong with it. ” Yeah it was great when the server froze and half of the players awoke looted after that. Amazing fun. Even better than the one shot wins. Ah, and do not forget the most entertaining tactics - to abuse the server stability by blocking the zone with zerg. You may call that PvP, but I call it cheating. ” that has nothing to do with zerg debuff now you simply get forced out o…

  • there you go gluttony, karma for being for removing gvgs, now zvzs are destroyed i hope zvzs get removed next

  • Quote from OceanSpirit: “In my opinion the debuff towards owning multiple Terris right now isn't strong enough. The debuff should start after 1 Terri. ” Why even have territories? Just remove them at this point, this game stopped having conquest option quite a while ago. Quote from OceanSpirit: “Do you really need multiple sources of siphoned energy and season points ” Do you even know the amount of income single territory provides? hint: You can't gear up one person with it

  • Quote from Neef: “I said the BM doesn't have the same numbers it once did because of the portal being removed ” once again, you are completely wrong

  • Quote from Jagere: “I mean got to give something else when no boots/movement buff is on target. ” you mean a slow that it has?

  • [11. March 2020] Queen Patch 7

    tabooshka - - Patch Notes


    wheres the silver bag tax change?

  • Quote from Neef: “I'm talking only about the amount of t7 and t8 gear being sold to the BM ” its the same, so once again im gonna repeat it, you have no clue. Frequency of selling is determined by silver value, if resources are cheap people are gonna fill buy orders quicker, right now prices of resources in caerleon are same/lower than in other royal cities LOL You can get several milions per hour without any focus crafting for black market, tell me more about how its not worth it. Quote from Ne…

  • Quote from Neef: “Lol so your telling me the same number of people use the blackmarket still. ” this is completely irrelevant to the price and amount of drops, like I said, learn how the mechanic works first before you start spreading bullshit And the fact that people like you avoid BM especially now that its in Caerleon without realmgate is actually bringing in more profit for individuals like me. If you think theres no reason to go to Caerleon you are just bad at the game. On top of crafting s…