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  • Please Direct Friends and Newer Players! Come on in and Introduce yourself LIVE! thumbsup.png

  • Come Join Me in the World of Albion! Going LIVE This Evening 5PM PST. Support the Cause. Giveaway Scheduled!

  • Excellent so I just need to use my alt that I have as the GM!?? THANKS!!!

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  • Hello Everyone, I am curious if anyone has an efficient way to move your Guild Island to one of the outlying cities? I moved all my personal islands except for my main to Lymhurst (I will move him as well) but I didn't realize my Guild Island was not able to be transferred with the island merchant. Any suggestions as moving all my personal guild island items would take a ton of time. I have been storing stuff there since release. My only thought as of now is to strip it and try to find enough sp…

  • This thread has some juice to it now. @Piddle Thanks for the info. I will check when I get home. What I did notice is in tripple monitor mode I could click outside of the viewable screen into the other screend and I would move or even select a resource to click on but as far as I can tell it simply does not allow a render distance past a single monitor. @owensssss Brother I know you trollin with that desk setup. Not even Oscar the groutch would game in that stankhole! Be safe friend and be kind …

  • Quote from Piddle: “Quote from MEATCUP: “Rags Owens for making assumptions. Makes assumptions. ” Let the casual gamers fight it out themselves. 4k gamer dad vs 3 monitor stretched view teen gamer is the classic battle of our time. ” Holy Hell Piddle, how do you come up with that conclusion? So, because I use 3 monitors that makes me a casual teen gamer? If you say so! I think the issue that you gentlemen have so politely tried to explain is that I was asking how to setup triple monitors with Alb…

  • Quote from owensssss: “yes theres a render limit that was put in place to stop reolution based view hackers so no you cant just spew monitors on ur black credit card to gain a small advantage i run 34" 4k and am completely fine stop stringing monitors together like a fucking junkie for view and youll be fine ” Thanks for the response. I have enjoyed running my other games with 3 monitors and I was wondering if I was simply doing something incorrect with Albion. It took my a good minute to get St…

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  • Hello, I would really appreciate if anyone who has knowledge on how to incorporate 3 monitors / Window Full Screen mode to post how the made this work. I just purchased my 3rd monitor and was excited to get it working but I cant figure out why its not allowing me to run window full screen AND it seems completely unable to utilize 3 monitors for widescreen play. I have been able to do both in several other games. I did follow an article on the forums that allowed me to run in window mode utilizin…


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    Hello Albion Players, I have played since closed BETA and want to give a general shout out to all new players and Veterans. I stream weekly and wanted to invite you to open up about your experience so far in Albion during my live streams. Glad to help and be available to support in any way possible. Hope to see you this weekend! Please feel free to use my referral code and support a fellow player and casual streamer:

  • Quote from Drama420: “Dear Devs, Actually, in the 50% of hg 2v2 done I met some kind of rat ( strange and tossic build to steal alone the chest). I do hg to have fun, and I don't like run everytime for 10 min trying to kill these stupid rats that are ruining this content. Please, are thinking about a solution against them? I write my solutions: - you can't enter inside it alone. - who do more damage to the chest, take it (after 1,5 min loot become free for all). Thanks ” @DEVS - Please FIX being…

  • Greetings everyone, Id like to introduce DM - Gods of Death. If you are looking for an awesome community of skilled, competitive and most of all supportive players please seek us out. Contact myself IGN: Rieval or GudGuyfawkes.

  • Rieval - DM

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    Greetings Albion Friends and Enemies, Thought I would share my activity in the world of Albion. I am a west coast NA player and have been around since Beta. I love the competitive side of Albion and the full loot aspects. I support the game through my stream and for fun I have recently got back into editing footage of my experiences. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about the game, are interested in getting more involved with GvG or competitive play. Lets support this ga…

  • Hide Helmet valid reasons

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    Actually, I can tell exactly what people are wearing visually because I simply have the game time and experience from playing since Beta. There are times when certain items arent visible when on a mount. I see no reason from your 4 points to change or add this feature. Sorry not sorry. I have seen many games where you can simply wear a costume to hide your actual gear and I never felt that was a good idea or design. In fact, I think it hurts the game play. When you encounter someone open world a…

  • Video of 12 mob pull or it didn't happen!

  • 5x5 vs 2x2 HG RANT

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  • Quote from Equartus: “Quote from R1VAL: “+1 ♡ ” on 10.43 i was waiting for double kill=) ” I know!!!!!! Ughh! Still got him! I just had to wait a little longer.

  • The solo player is underappreciated but never forgotten!