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  • Quote from Dero: “Hi @mNote, when writing the code for the layout I was afraid that something like that may happen. The images are pretty big in size which can cause slow loading and performance issues on rendering. I already tried different compression but there is hardly anything doable without loss in quality. I'll talk to our art department to maybe find a different solution. ” For people who has a wide-screen to view the wiki, I'm sure it's fine for them, but for someone with just a 15' dis…

  • Just a heads up, the background images used in the wiki lags my chrome browser when viewing it. I removed the 2 images with the developer console and that fixed my issue. Maybe it's a personal problem, but I'd like to believe that if I have issues viewing the wiki, I'm sure others will too.

  • All crash reports pls post here!

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    Sprint, Defenseless Rush, and Stealth crash. crash.txt was renamed from crash.dmp error.txt was renamed from error.log This crash began with today's 4-hour maintenance.

  • Crash when i stealth

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    Same thing happened to me while I was sprinting around and chopping trees. Wolves attacked me and game crashes and stops responding the second I press stealth. Edit 1 -- It seems I can replicate the crash easily by cutting logs, spamming Defenseless Rush and Stealth right after. The visual glitch with my character turning and staying pink after Defenseless Rush is the precursor to crashing with the Stealth button. Note: This is on the live server.