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  • Quote from Atena26: “stil not cosider ther are more decor like pentagrams that are flat or runes if you do them auto dismunt the wil be put on roads to dismunt you liek traps ever thinked of it .? imagin you run from ganker you munted and click on run whit munt and get dismunt cos ther wos decor on the grund you get it ? ” 1. your dialect was very hard to read 2. ah silly people, I propose: - you are mounted - you click on decoration - window pops, you are still mounted - click on pickup - chann…

  • Gremio Orden Teutónica desbandado. Por favor cerrar hilo.

  • Quote from Atena26: “no you wil end picking up decoration you dont wone pick up just when riding and giving jurnals to laborers i say no dont do that ” How would you missclick twice? First for decoration and second for the button Pick Up. Even then if you do laborers much, then you would have your decorations ordered and a clear path inside your house.

  • As title says, when you are mounted and want to pick up a house decoration game prompts an error and nothing else happens. Game should dismount automatically and do the pickup action when told to do so. There is automatic dismount on many other places, so this should not be hard to implement.

  • even better, allow for usage of controllers analog sticks for movement and remove dependancy on mouse. That would improve quite a lot the experience when using controllers because you wont have to reposition mouse cursor after dodging some ground attack

  • unable to scroll market sublist

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    When mouse cursos is pointing over certain pixels in these lists moving the mouse wheel does nothing. Attached image: in red unresponsive pixels. Yes, it is only half on buy orders…4655c6453b92753387ae94647

  • I see you are about to implement text channels for each of the supported languages and automatically join the channel corresponding to client language. I use the client in english just because the bad quality of the spanish translation. I'd like to join a text channel of my choice regardless the client language, would it be possible to do that?

  • Party chat bug

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    you need to be in a party to enable it, same goes for guild, alliance and maybe other tabs

  • Bug when bidding on plots

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    nice integer overflow

  • there are mounts wich have no carrying capacity. i.e. all armored horses

  • Eta on test server

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    when ready to be tested.