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  • Its not really a suggestion. more like a idea for discuss. Nowdays a have little bit more time to think and thought about this game. As the tittle say i try to rethink some classes as a different weapon but with same mechanics.. (The numbers only numbers dont compare to anything. Its for the mechanics) Nature Staff Fighter: Ranged to melee Describe the weapon look: Blackhands but more look like some tendril going up to the shoulder Class type: Frontline healer, Juggernaut, Self-sustaining tank P…

  • i have to write again but why? 1. in oberon the random dungeons with infinity numbers and rune/soul/relic droprate change made the artifact prices low and made all of the normal weapons worthless. 2. badon cant interrupt any mob skills, its just worthless 3. at the moment in ZvZ everybody using ONLY artifact weapon with non-reflectable damage what make every other weapon again worthless. If you think locus good for everything and demon armor for kill anybody with reflectable damage maybe you fuc…

  • Reinstalled but no change.Any suggestion? When i try to do anything albion just stop working and close. rEmLJZc.png

  • Use the new SOLO meta King the Spear: Q give you a AOE damage W Inner focus: with full stack it give you movement speed, damage. Good for running and fighting. E 20 sec CD better then bloodletter, you can use it for running and fighting, AOE damage, can interrupt spell casting

  • You totally misunderstood. im talking about when your character didnt log out. You just got a 5sec dcand get back without spells

  • I was in 1v3 fight i got DC (my character didnt log out yet) then when i logged in i couldnt use any skills while i watching how i will die. Its really a funny way to die in 3 mill gear. Suggestion: While your character not logged out you dont get any skill reset before logout.

  • Still newplayers and casual players wont get any terry or accepted in a better guild... Improve faction warfare just for the players who wanna fight for their city.

  • just make the black zone outter ring full faction warfare, but you can flag up to outlaw xd as you intended in the first place. Maybe the castles and outpost could give some buff that faction.

  • Hey, no one gonna read this but hey if you wanna change mega alliances. You say open world, but players say law. You can set a max alliance territory number.(exp x territory/ alliance). You can capture more, but - territories guard, mage etc get weaker to the point your guard say bye bye to defend this many territory. - after x territory the silver price constantly going up for the point is it worth it? The alliance will bring more people to defend this x territory. Mega and Strong alliances gui…

  • @Neef Deathgivers dont drop agro, but its just weird the mobs still attacking you while you wanna kite them while your Q stacking up. Im talking about a invisible play mechanic. Most of this invisible items give you more damage but what is the point in solo pve if you just can get away with it

  • In my opinion make the mobs just decoration and make less zone with only pvp content. just force them. Its a PvP game who care PvE

  • and when is it good in pve when your first priority to kill them? just think about in the deathgiver weapon E, with hellion shoes and maybe with some assassin jacket? Dow do you wanna level up them? Dont say just play some random weapon for the sake of leveling up a full different weapon

  • @Fusionbomb What disadvantage do you get from it?

  • Hey. It could be really cool if you use hellion shoes, mercenary jacket new avalonian shoes etc. wont leash the mobs just make them confused for 8 seconds - group If you go invisible then the mobs will aggro another guy - solo If you walk away they just leash but if you stay in range then you can continue the fight.

  • Quote from DuendeBrek: “1. "The tower can be channeled by the defending guild to end the attack" - if I'm not wrong, this pretty much means that you already need to hold enemy territory before the fight even starts, right? I can see it becoming incredibly bad mechanic, as you pretty much need to either hold your territory way before the scheduled time, or attack it way before it, making it possible for fights to take place even 30 minutes or more before the actual claimable time, and if your her…

  • The Battle of Caerleon

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    The truth the black market guy awakened the old avalonians. Supplied them with weapons, gears then prepared a battle agains the other cities. It backfired and now he is in a big trouble, but wait. Is the money enough to defend Carleon?

  • i saw sometimes this kind of thead but no change at all...

  • i would slow down the green bar more then i dont give the player any fame.for doing mass product. I would add more minigame in this game forexample guitar hero like crafting. (difficulty change by tier, enchant and type of artifact).

  • We are all off-topic. In my post i was talking about diversity in dungeons. @Sharaal Invasion is a standalone event its not pernament. @Akhenaden Im talking about solo dungeon leveling for everyone. If you read the queen news they will change the skipping aspect and now you have to kill most of the mobs in the dungeon. In my opinion they just drop every old for the new content sake If you wanna discuss more about dungeon pvp/hellgate pvp please create a tread.