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  • Quote from Eltharyon: “ Wardrobe: We’re planning to add a “Wardrobe” feature, which allows you to customize your appearance by “overriding” your current looks with a more spectacular outfit. This override would by default be visible in safe zones and invisible to others in dangerous zones, though players can change this setting at will. ” Will the wardrobe be something that would drop if you were killed in pvp? Or would it be specifically a skin and not an item.

  • Negative fame when crafting

    jman0023 - - Bugs


    Was just crafting some materials and noticed that my icon said -1% and clicked to get a closer look only to find negative fame?

  • I've been trying to figure out ways that i can make more silver in game, I've been gathering but it feels so slow. So i was wondering how do people start off in crafting items for profit? I tried at one time to focus on metal crafted armor but i felt like i wasn't getting anywhere. Do you farm your own mats or do you just buy them off the market and hope the profit is more? Do you just buy the items and study them for more fame in that item? Any info is greatly appreciated!

  • Bank of Caerleon - Service

    jman0023 - - Trade


    Invested 2 Million.

  • (The file was too big so i couldn't upload it) In the above screenshot I'm farming stone and am keeping track of my journal progress. As you can see, it takes up a large portion of my screen with the inventory and the journal window itself. I feel like a worthwhile improvement would be a possibility of being able to at least close the inventory while keeping the journal open, or being able to resize the windows due to a large portion of the screen isn't…

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “I don't think the game has been released long enough to have cause for T9+. Maybe in another 6+ months (if/when everyone is wearing T7 or higher), there would be a better reason to release higher tier items. ” oh i don't mean release it right now, i just was curious if there has been some thought about it from the developers/ other players.

  • Has there been any discussion behind the scenes for development of higher tiers? like T9 and even higher? It seems like it could be a good idea and bad idea. -It gives more progression for the late game and partially more content (by adding a further goal/higher tier resources to gather) -Also, could be bad for new players making the grind to be competitive even further/intimidating. Additionally, i love the PvE side to MMORPG's and obviously Albion has a large way to go on the side of PvE, but …

  • Was just looking at a picture of one of Albion's updates (the one for the steam release) and I saw that one of the people in the art is carrying a banner in one hand and a sword in the other. I thought that having a banner carrier would be pretty cool flavor wise and strategy wise. Perhaps if the carrier could give small aoe buffs or something like that and still be able to main hand a weapon, or alternatively just have the banner as a 2-hand weapon. Just seemed like it could work and have poten…

  • True invisible bug?

    jman0023 - - Bugs


    Was just gathering and browsing the web and i alt tabbed back into the game and found that my character had…631a0c1baab234f07cf86c87e

  • So I just logged in and got grindin' on them eggs! I honestly really love the idea of pets in this game (i like collecting pretty much all the vanity items). The fact that you have to equip the hat to summon the pet and then its only there for 2 minutes is kind of a let down though. In my opinion, if it was like a infinite use item that you could use and then just have the pet follow you. It's up for debate if you would need to carry it on your person or be able to bank it and keep the pet summo…