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  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Because how can u give a like on a message u game is longer offline . ” People arent liking the news that it will be offline .. they are liking that fact that SBI take the time to communicate the messages to us. Thats how things work in the adult world.

  • Quote from Piddle: “Win 10m silver! ” Quote from Piddle: “gets 1m silver ” So is it 10 million or 1 million??

  • Quote from kane2099official: “it had set a wager of 10000k and i've wrong click yes ” This isnt a scam. Its you not paying due care and attention.

  • Quote from PretzStarwind: “for players who are unguilded they need to use city plots as the personal islands only have so many slots for buildings ” Improvise. Form a one man guild and have your own guild island which is big enough for all crafting stations with space left over. Your lack of thinking outside the box is one of the reasons you expect the devs to solve things for you which are already in your gift to change. Quote from PretzStarwind: “And saying "the community can fix this and the …

  • how to close this topic

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    Troll or religious zealot .. I'm not sure which. I'm also not sure which is worse.

  • Patch 8 is Live

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    Quote from PlayerAlbionOnline: “I want to buy and use it but i don't want to see this devil numbers ” You do realise the devil isn't real don't you ...?

  • [25. March 2020] Queen Patch 8

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    Quote from RicardoSymilo: “it's about doing solodungeons doable again for frost. ” I main in frost and can run solo dungeons with absolutely no problem at all, even after the patch. Its still super quick.

  • Quote from Britishweeb: “This could be a way to make trash not COMPLETELY useless ” Trash is meant to be completely useless. The clue is in the name. It’s simply and indicator to show which items have been destroyed. Being able to recycle into items would completely undermine the whole point of dying being a gear sink.

  • Quote from Vheri: “That doesn't make much sense, I mean why should I need to have the double amount of silver required to buy what I ordered? Now I have all my hard earned silver locked for 30 days for no damn reason... I'm Vheri sad ” So just cancel the buy order and re post it

  • Quote from duckboybryan: “The rich grows richer, while the poor becomes poorer. ” That’s an asinine statement. Nobody should be getting poorer in this game. If you are then you’re doing something fundamentally wrong, and that’s your own fault. Not the games, not anyone else’s.

  • Quote from tabooshka: “I mean, you can just win an auction anytime, not his problem majority of people dont want the headache of manging a plot ” Exactly!

  • Quote from FriendlyFoe: “Help me out here, let's find out solution to the devs so we can end this unfair advantage situation here. ” There isnt an unfair advantage. Its a level playing field and us the players already have all of the tools we need to break the monopolies if we wish to do so. Its been done before, on more than one occasion. It can be done again if us, the players make it happen. Everything is working as intended and the cartels have risen again simply because they were allowed to…

  • Easily worked around with alt accounts.

  • Trees on an island will not stop you placing a building. Press H for the build menu and the ghost icon of the building will be green if you can place in that spot.

  • Total Grind

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    You complete and utter moron. Reported.

  • Quote from neptunium: “nicely derailed topic... 50%+ is a lot and too much. I'd rather switch tasks than ever paying such fees. ” It wasnt derailed. It was clearly explained by math that 50% isnt too much from a profit perspective, and directly related to the OP's post. So no ... not derailed at all.


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  • Total Grind

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    Quote from Riverborn: “This is my RANT. If you don't like it..Bug off ” Once you post in a public forum its no longer yours concede the right of reply to everyone. I'm astonished that this needs to be explained to you.

  • Quote from Targun: “Guilds should be whatever they decide to be and allowing different types of regime supported by mechanics would make the game better. Given how important are guilds and guild politics to the core AO gameplay good guild and ally administration mechanics would make huge improvement to the game at relatively low development cost. ” I dont disagree at all with having more guild tools to make life easier for both guild leaders and members alike. And indeed some guilds Im sure do o…

  • Money on island

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    You do of course. you could always set the usage fee to zero