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  • Mercenarios whine a lot.

  • Just attempted to play a GvG a few minutes ago. Constant, long lagouts. People on my team dead before I can use a single ability. Attempted 2 fights, 3 of us could not do anything. Some definitely seem to suffer the lag worse than others. 2 sets of 7.1 lost. We gave up and will now lose a territory due to a counter. I will not PvP again in this game until it is fixed. The fact that this lag has been present for this long is just disgraceful.

  • No premium - Test server

    Adreena - - Bugs Testserver


    Same here. Logged in and out a few times too, with no difference.

  • Make heal over times unpurgeable.

  • Caerleon plots should cost significantly more than those in blue cities. They should cost a minimum of 300k each, otherwise there will be a ridiculous rush to buy them at the start.

  • Hellgates are DEAD

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    I like that yellow hellgates exist. They are a great place to practice 5v5 pvp with no risks. But they should be for practice only, they should give poor fame and poor/no loot. Make demon artifacts drop far more frequently in red/black, increase souls and silver drop rates. Remove the item scaling in red/black, it will not be needed with an improvement to loot.

  • The buff sound and visual effects are totally obnoxious. A slight glow is all that is needed. Loot needs to be decent in hellgates. I think every black hellgate end boss should drop a guaranteed hellgate artifact. Paying 2m for a demon plate helm is just ridiculous, there needs to be more supply. Otherwise only the richest players and guilds can afford to compete in GvGs. Great weapons like icicle staff and scythe see less play because of the costs. I'm also worried about the hellgate portal res…

  • The spear line needs some major changes. Both Qs are just weird. Spirit Spear has a crazy energy cost and the new one just feels clunky and slow to use, since it takes an additional click. There should be an option for just a normal Q that hits instantly, ideally with added threat generation to make spear tanks viable in PvE. Talking about tanking, spears should have more tanking/cc options with the Q and W abilities. Glaive and Heron Spear are often used with plate armour as a heavy initiator. …

  • - More siege camps. I found a guild with 6 territories in the black area with a decent time zone that I would have liked to attack; but to get there we would have had to fight through two territories held by a different guild in a time zone too early for us. I think there should be at least three times as many siege camps. - Completely re-designed city sieging. Defender bonus should go. The defenders already get enough of an advantage with the middle spawn and getting three shields. The map is t…

  • I like to gather and I like to do Hellgates. I've spent dozens of hours mining and used around 200 lp to unlock the T5 mining pick. I'm guessing I've mined about 10 5.2 ore and 100 5.1 ore in that time. I did three HGs yesterday and got 25 6.1 bars and 20 5.1 bars. I'll stick to Hellgates for my resource gathering from now on. I would be interested in seeing what proportion of 6.1 metal bars on the auction house are smelted from ore compared to looted from Hellgates.

  • I think Great Hammer (and hammers in general) use too much energy for their abilities. At 6.1, Tackle is 42, Groundbreaker is 50, Earth Shatter is 44 and Grasp of the Undead is 43. Whereas the mace abilitles are 29 for Battle Howl, Root Prison is 37 and Silencing Strike 42. Even weirder are the charges on the two sets of weapons. The aoe snare charge on hammers is 42 but the root charge on maces is only 24. The passives are also terrible on hammers.

  • Quote from Bercilak: “Our content pipeline is filled up with great additions...This includes...a huge amount of additional artifact items ” I'm a little worried about artifact items. Firstly, getting the balance right on them will be harder because so many fewer people will be using them. Quite a few of the current artifact items seem pretty op (carrion caller is the best axe, stalker bp is amazing, bloodletter is arguably the best dagger, artifact curse possibly the best curse etc). I guess jus…

  • Bug with defender shields.

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    The town of Nightfog Grove Beck should be at 3 shields, but it is currently at 1. The timer for new defender points keeps passing but nothing is happening

  • I play in a relatively small guild in beta, we have about 25-30 active members (we currently hold 4 territories and field two 5 man GvG teams). These are some changes I would like to see from a small guild perspective: Zones/Mobs: A lot more black zones - Increase the amount of black zones that cannot be captured by guilds (Wild zones) and cluster them together at least a few zones from the closest city. This should help promote roaming groups and stop guilds locking them down with /suicide re-s…

  • Testserver - Patchnotes

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    So the range and damage on the Halberd seems crazy now with Spirit Spear and changes to Rooted Smash.

  • Quote from DexterTrololol: “I literally have nothing to do. what I leveled up: Weapons: Cursed Staff (T7.2(stopped after the 1st nerf));Cursed Staff T7; Crossbow T6.3; Frost Staff T6 Armor: Light T6.3/T6.2; Heavy Chest: T4.3; Leather Hood: T6.2 I stopped "playing" last week on Thursday. I have no motivation to grind anything anymore, because all the "good" weapons like Frost Staff T6.4/Cursed Staff T5.4/Crossbow T5.3 cost easily 125k+ and the T6.3 Armor aswell. There is NO REASON to grind for me…

  • There simply aren't enough places to farm t7 mobs in the game. The majority of the black zones are held by the same three guilds and the t7 dungeons are camped by large guild groups with naked scouts. The larger guilds are able to progress but everyone else is stuck at a maximum of 7.2/6.3, making huge disparities in GvG gear. This latest patch has helped a little but it has only pushed the progression wall back. Even if the smaller guilds do grind up to the higher tier gear the current cost to …