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  • Thanks for the swift response Korn. So while I'm not too happy about the way you went back, I'm glad that the alliance issue will be addressed directly now. On that note, regarding the heightened disarray debuff; Why is it that the first six players mark the fastest reduction in damage and after that, bringing more players becomes less and less painful. Doesn't this discourage naturally small groups from not bringing more than 25 people, while encouraging big groups to bring at least 60 players?…

  • Let's assume that this proposal will go through. What would stop alliance A from having alliance b, c, d, e, and f exclusively for terry holding, having a hideout in every important terry open for all alliances and all the main forces in alliance A. Alliance A would be able to hold 60 terries without any repurcussions, having safe zones in all the zones via hideouts. The only downside would be the loss of season points. But trading this some season points in turn for massive safe zones and net p…

  • WildschweinHut nimmt neue Member auf

    Akise - - Gilden


    Willkommen zum Wildschwein Hut Zu jeder Bestellung gibt's ein Bier! Interessiert? Komm herein: Wildschwein-Hut Eingang…c3b92d3d7122a3ea339485af9

  • Poll: Alliance Feature

    Akise - - Feedback & Suggestions


    My take so far would be that, while an alliance feature removal would make cooperation harder, it would still be rather easily circumventable in a way that would create only little change compared to the current situation. Hence here are my propsals: 1. The most important issue I see would be hideouts. A guild could keep the hideout open to all 'alliance members', hereby making it possible for alliances to continue rather easily. My proposal would be, that hideouts have only two settings: Privat…

  • Disarray (Zerg Debuff)

    Akise - - Developers' Statements


    I woud say as well that the agressive debuff from 25-30 is quite strange when compared to the light 25% debuff to bringing 145 players over the 'maximum'. When the ultimate goal is to increase pvp action, you need to provide smaller guilds with a good chance to compete. Currently it is impossible for a small guild/alliance with 50ish people to get even one terry, when competing with 100-300 players of other alliances. At the current debuff-level a group with let's say 100 players can easily roll…

  • Kann bestätigen dass sowohl der Verkäufer als auch der Verkäufer gebannt wird. Hatten einen Käufer in unserer Gilde.