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After clicking on a zone-map on the worldmap it should still show you who owns the Outpost, Castle or Territory

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Remove the warning "Sorry, this auction was already fetched." from the game.

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City Plot Crafting QOL Tip: Place a box right next to your station, set access permissions and avoid the trade UI

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Make Chopped Fish stack to 9999, like Siphoned Energy

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WTS / WTT 1x Recruiter's Husky Sled 3x Recruiter's Grey Wolf

5 447


Visual - White Beard Clips

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[Service] T8 Laborer access for rent in Caerleon! (limited availability in other cities as well)

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Request for an official data-dump to allow the community to do their own analysis on the history of GvGs / Crystals.

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Transmutation: Death to the green bar.

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Consuming Salad before crafting now closes the UI

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[Service] max level crafter looking for artifact crafting work orders + T8 MP & EX gear shop: many items for sale!

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Killboard API into a Google Sheets document

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Is there a custom killboard that shows win% and other custom stats for GvGs / Crystals ?

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WTB Plot in Caerleon

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Did you know that you can advertise your Guild on AlbionTV on the official Albion Twitch channel?

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Avalon should drop fragments of high fame / value expedition maps

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Salvaging 4 Artifact items of different enchantment levels does not give you 1 artifact back.

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WTS Husky Sled - 500m (temporary offer)

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UI: default position of item details UI element

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Albion 5vs5 Scrim League: looking for teams, organizers, judges and sponsors

34 +10 2,762