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  • I'm Albion Famous!!

  • - In game name - Andro - Highest gathering tool you can use and which one is it - t8 all ( Stone t6 ) - What's your main build and what tier do you have unlocked? - T7 Spears/Bows/Frost/Shield/Torch, Leather (all) & Cloth Chest - Any experience in the outlands? - BZ since Alpha - Last 3 previous guilds - JAG, FLEET, TC - Reason you'd like to join - Fleet or Defeat! - Can anyone currently in the guild vouch for you? / Do you know anyone in the guild? - Egobasher // r3bel/pr3d/r3venge

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    Andro - - General Questions & Discussions


    Quote from Azlen: “Bump because this is actually a good point. Are you able to force the download off the website on your mobile? ” Your one account is able to be used cross platform. You can go to website on your mobile Android phone and download it. You will need to allow the installation of 3rd party apps in your settings.

  • In Game Name - Andro Highest gathering - T8 Skinning with 36 Specialization ( T6 all other tools ) T6 spears, bows, axes, torches, orbs, crossbows, shields, curse staff, mage helmet, plate helmet, leather chest, plate boots, leather boots. Outland exp - Since end of alpha and all betas. Last 3 previous Guilds - Tea Party, Undead Lords, Just A Game (JAG American CP Leader) Reason To Join - Looking for new group that is focused, respected & competitive. You all seem to fit the Bill!

  • Refund Due to Horrible Services?

    Andro - - Rants


    Nobody is forcing you to with the current state of the game until they fix it or find something else to play.