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  • I really doubt you had a good motive if you were only in there for a day. That doesn't sound like enough time to "treat you like dirt." Congrats on spreading the word that you're an untrustworthy thief.

  • Shields do not take armor damage reduction into account. Also, healing cast bonus affects shield strength.

  • Rampant Staff's Spirit Animal says it heals 88 per second base, and is boosted by the number of allies on the carpet. When I cast it naked, I get 17 heals per second.

  • Zitat von Macmagotty: „Granted AO is in a fantasy / medieval setting, but there is a reason that the phrase "hoist by his own petard" came into currency. Early gunpowder items were notorious for being more dangerous to the user than the intended target. So, at the very least, I would expect there to be a higher than normal rate of wear on the items, which would translate into more frequent and more costly repairs. Perhaps offset this by making gunpowder weapons just so slightly OP to make them w…

  • You can't cleanse vile curse. Don't think you can cleanse death curse either.

  • Zitat von WTenij: „Zitat von PrintsKaspian: „Changes as of Friday 15 June: Balance Changes Miscellaneous Cleanse effects now grant 1s immunity to CC and debuffs [Reworded, removed debuffs function] Miscellaneous Cleansing any CC effect now grants a 1-second CC immunity “ so no more clenasing armor reduction? thats a huge nerf against sunder armor and armor piercee RIP mercenary hood in gvg “ I'm not sure where you got that. It seems to me that it's still cleansed, you just don't get the immunity…

  • Gather gear has no heal output bonus. Same with plate armor. It also doesn't give useful passives and the skills are very focused on escape as opposed to combat. As a healer you NEED cloth armor to maximize heal output.

  • If you use the /suicide command you can't be jumped by groups.

  • Zitat von heftyflaps: „Zitat von Fred_the_Barbarian: „Why would anyone hire you? You have absolutely no evidence you can offer what you say you can. Today I got more kills than your entire guild did in two months. “ you are such a smart man!!! @Fred_the_Barbarian. I'm scared to do mental battle with you. Listen you simple minded fool.plz shut your pie hole and listen for once in your feeble life. also I will use small words so I don't lose you. I did not say I would be using my noob guild of 46 …

  • Zitat von Saturas: „Zitat von Piddle: „Zitat von Saturas: „Is it just me or is the "Risk vs. Reward" that was announced way back dead by now? Right now HCE runners gain more fame staying in safe zones than players farming in open world dungeons. “ It is just you. Until you do some actual work to back up your arbitrary claim. So that we can show you how you did your work wrong. “ i could aswell ask you to prove me wrong “ You could. But that would show that you don't understand burden of proof, a…

  • Why would anyone hire you? You have absolutely no evidence you can offer what you say you can. Today I got more kills than your entire guild did in two months.

  • Zitat von Caideroth: „So I have been wondering since the faction system was announced with the plan to bring capes and bags that have meaningful effects into gameplay, the question was raised for me... Whats to stop players from exploiting the faction system point values by letting themselves be killed with guild members/friends from opposing factions, trading faction kills so to speak. How can you police players who try to take advantage of the point system and get a bunch for free capes/bags s…

  • I went onto the test server to try out the increased knockback on the ironclad... and I don't have one. No problem I'll just buy one... literally nothing on market. So here I am, unable to test stuff on the test server. Why can't we have stuff seeded on the market for testing purposes?

  • Focus regen bug?

    Fred_the_Barbarian - - Bugs


    So I burned all my focus on an alt char, and didn't play him for around 5 days and his premium lapsed (he had >3 days of premium). When I resubbed him and went to go refine stuff, I found that he had not regenerated any focus. I suspect that the issue is caused by not loading the character until after his premium lapsed.

  • 50% market tax reduction.

  • Pandemic Legion

    Fred_the_Barbarian - - Guild Discussion


    I know there used to be one called Capital Escalation, but I don't think there's sufficient overlap between PL and Albion to make a guild anymore. Lots of complaining about how Monochrome/CCP Greyscale supports carebear stuff.

  • I too would like you to provide proof of patronage. So far you've come up with "mercenary" services that have a grand total of 1 kill in the past month, mount insurance that is literally "I give you money and hope you pay me back," and storage lockers you could easily rob. I fail to see why anyone would put trust in you given that you have no reputation to ruin.

  • Enfeeble Aura damage reduction

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    I think it reduces damage boost by 60%, rather than damage output. So if I have a 60% damage boost, I will deal normal damage under enfeeble aura. The same happens with healing boost and reductions.

  • I can't find the number but I have always heard around 50% and it seems like a reasonable number.

  • Given that half of your stuff trashes on death, and the fact that the game is fine so far, I disagree.