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  • The best ways to improve this game are: Remove the balloon protection when u entering new areas.(why balloons ? Maybe some people wanna make traps ? ) Remove cd when u get off from the mount.(why im waiting cd seriously ?if its pvp game i must use my skills whenever i want in open world.remember ultima online...also this changes can improve pvp %17737263 percent for sure.Currently its garbage.Im seeing a guy running in front of me,im dismounting myself,the guy is gathering resources and mount up…

  • The problem is gathering is so hard (especially leather gatherers).low resources,dangerous maps etc. Daily lp is not enough. Arena must give fame then it will become more popular (after 3 wins you can do only for practice) Basically people are trying to reach top level for pvp zvz and gvg but its impossible for players who are playing 1 hour a day. For casuals,i dont believe they are ok with daily 20 lp.

  • What he says is: -I have gear so i have to kill him with 1 shot (doesnt matter if he is tank or healer or any other class) -I'm absolutely noob i wanna kill everyone with only 1 shot. -I wasted money so money>skills. -I'm q spammer. -I'm not leaving just qqing here. And yeah if he die against any tank he could cry like "tanks are op i have 6.3 set and the tank was wearing t4" etc. Btw wtf you died against priest.Really? Please get good.

  • Yeah,this game needs eu server but if they make it they have to giveus free transfer us to eu. The game could be more playable.If it keeps going like this most of the eu people will leave the game for sure. 160+ ping means "the game is not playable"... When im gathering resources sometimes the screen is swapping,horse is not getting speed buff,cant run away from low ping people etc and the disconnecting from the game...

  • it will never happen.Devs made their choices long time ago.If they wanna open fresh eu server they have to handle "transferring character us to eu" issue.So basically it means "a lot of work".Currently they have huge problems (crashings,rollbacks).They dont even fix these issues how can they handle another server can u please tell me? Current situation is really bad for "ALBION ONLINE" overall.If i were new player in this game,i could leave instantly after these problems. Before they release thi…

  • Hi guys, Im Sore.I'm 28 years old.I have been playing mmo s since 1998.The first game i played is "Ultima Online".Also was a staff member in every server in Turkey. The last game (before albion online) i was playing is "Tera Online".I was a sorcerer there. Now im here and playing with "divine healer class". Im from Tu

  • To be honest,blizzard is actually good but WTF EA?

  • Solution = Make 1 Server for only EU.Then we can play with low ping also US servers will be stable.And give us right for transferin our accounts to EU.Problem solved.

  • Auto Selfcast Option

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    Better to stay like this.U will learn as soon as possible.

  • Such a bullshit.It's 2 am in here but it takes 30 min queue for loggining.Really?I paid for legendary founder pack.It has little bit advantage but also we have to get priority to log in.Also waste of premium... What did i pay for ? Basically : "Welcome to Queue Online"

  • Calm your tits down.It's an mmo game,just chill and wait.I have same issue here but not crying like little babies.(btw you guys are not the only 1 who bought founder pack...