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  • how long will we suffer?

    Roccandil - - Rants


    Quote from Theat: “You will suffer until you Learn 2 Play ” The problem with your elitist nonsense is that players will "learn 2 play" a different game.

  • Quote from TheGreek: “Quote from SunnyT: “I don't think that you get it! the issue is not in how many territories the alliances hold! It's about them roaming around in 200 man zergs vs 30-40 players. Chase the small zerg across 5 maps, and then camp the hideouts to keep you there! This is NOT content, this is just suicide, and donate gear to the "MEGAS". We go out looking for some good ZVZ and come across a beast of T4/T5 blob, where we get wiped out in seconds. Because the zerg debuff does jack…

  • Yes, it's an abuse of game mechanics, but along with removing "always yes" for red zones to block it, you can also try to log off while they're moving you.

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Players can now retrieve items from Hideouts to which they no longer have access by clicking on the Hideout board. The process takes 30 days and costs silver. ” Sounds good, but if the costs I've been seeing reported are any indication, this is practically useless. Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Small Tier 7 and Tier 8 nodes now spawn fully charged (Tier 7: 3 charges, Tier 8: 2 charges) Small Tier 7 node respawn time tripled (26100 seconds to 78300 seconds) Small Tier 8 no…

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Hide and Critter carcasses despawn after 600 seconds instead of 86400 seconds ” If that applies to unskinned carcasses, that makes me sad. Was it causing a problem on the servers?

  • growing on the island is annoying

    Roccandil - - Rants


    Quote from TradeMark: “Why is this a problem. People only do farming. What would u think happens with the prices if it shold be as easy as u say. U could support couple of 100 farms with no task at all. Some like too play the game just doing that to have a income. If every 1 do it because its so easy it wouldnt be any profit at all. ” More clicking is a horrible way to balance farms!

  • Hmm. Is an interesting coding problem. Any reason why mount CDs weren't designed to be completely separate from weapon CDs?

  • That was the other thing: the fear chaining felt wrong. I don't think you should be able to chain any kind of CC on an enemy; each successful fear should trigger a significant immunity timer to a subsequent fear.

  • Yep, I experienced this today (and escaped by logging out, although I already had automatic red zone access disabled).

  • Quote from Slamz: “I wonder about creating a "limited hideout"... * Can't be destroyed * Your guild can only have 1 * Its access rights are locked to "guild" (allies and non-guildies can't use it at all) * Very limited storage and space The biggest thing making me want to join a powerful alliance is because as a small guild, investing in a Hideout just to get it get blown away one day by a zerg we have no chance of fighting is a waste of energy. We're basing out of the NPC Outlands cities for no…

  • Had some interesting yellow zone PvP today.

  • Quote from MrNiceGuy: “Quote from Roccandil: “Quote from MrNiceGuy: “once a day they will kill the mages to get the points ” While I see your point, that does assume no one else gets to them first. ” Sure there will be more loses but they still can control the area what is the real purpose of territory ” This is one reason why I'd like guilds actually using the zones to have the inside track on taking the territories. A one-alt guild won't be able to do that.

  • Was doing a mammoth run today between Royals, and was ambushed in a yellow zone by gankers. They dismounted me, fear-locked me, and demanded ransom, else they would knock me down. I thought that was brilliant; it had a highway robbery vibe I don't get in full-loot zones. I agreed to pay; the ransom was far less than 10% of what I was carrying, and while I knew they could knock me down anyhow, I figured the intel of whether they would do so was worth buying (if nothing else), and either way, I'd …

  • Quote from MrNiceGuy: “once a day they will kill the mages to get the points ” While I see your point, that does assume no one else gets to them first.

  • Quote from Xyrdin: “Siphoned energy is easily farmable with alt guilds. Just throw all your resources to a crafting alt and then generate the season points on the alt in an alt guild. ” Crafting doesn't provide challenge points. You need to farm, gather, or PvE. Granted, that's probably still exploitable, but not quite so easily.

  • Quote from Korn: “Another option: 4. Treat "red flagged" as a pseudo-faction. This means that "reds" can kill faction flagged players and be killed by them, also in blue and yellow zones. The key difference is though that reds can of course still attack reds, and that reds would be subject to the reputation system. ” Works for me.

  • Quote from blappo: “Why exactly does none of this touch castles or outposts? ” Personally, I'm hoping that castles and outposts become the huge zerg content, while hideouts and territories become smaller scale zvz content.

  • Quote from Korn: “1. Change the system such that red flagged players can be executed in yellow zones. That would fix the issue. The downside is that it would prevent the open world knockdown PvP between reds that can in theory happen in yellow zones. Does anybody here have a good feeling for how popular this actually is? ” This is the option I'd like to see. It's a minimal change, fixes the issue, and makes world-sense (outlaws shouldn't get the protection of laws). The caveat is that I wouldn't…

  • Quote from TheBacon: “The direction needs to continue to attack the mega-zvz fights that continue to easily overwhelm any adversary, stop rewarding big zvz and rewarding smaller skirmishes instead, ” This. I'd love to see this: - Castles and outposts are for huge zvz - Hideouts and territories are for skirmishes I would balance hideout and territory battles this way: - Reward guilds that are actually living in the zones, by providing an in-zone PvP buff of some kind for long-term in-zone PvE act…

  • @Captainrussia, I disagree with your premise that leather and cloth should have the same clear speed in solo PvE, or indeed, that any gear should be balanced around solo PvE clear speed. That just sounds absurd to me.