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  • I don't believe you could attack this box in the city, I would think the owner would have to allow the item to be attacked in the settings like you have to do on your island or hideout, Meaning the owner must turn on "Allow people to attack this building". Simple way to find out would be to grab a hammer put it on and try to hit that box, I do like the idea of stations having a chest.

  • Quote from Ky1loRen: “Hello everyone, So Im somewhat new to this game, I started it around 12 days ago and a lot of the time I've spent fishing. Im currently lvl 84 and working my way to T8. I just have a simple question which I haven't quite got a good answer to. Why doesn't fishing count as gathering fame? I don't see a huge difference between me chopping down a tree or mining ore. I understand that fishing came out later than the other gathering. Ive also seen the argument that eating fish al…

  • Resource Dungeons

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    Yes i very much can't wait for resource dungs, I believe this would improve gathering for t7 and t8 greatly and is also one of the reason a lot of people hate the current system for t7 and t8 nodes, Because they planned on having resource dungs at some point hopefully soon. (Which I believe at some point gathering dungs were first planned to be in queen itself.)

  • Hate hate hate the new chest spawn timers, They killed this content and I wish at the very least they would change this system back to pre-queen, Best option though would be to rework it all together with random spawn timers that are short around 30mins to an hour while also not showing the spwn timer on the world map, This content could really be a great small scale pvp spot but it is currently just another income for mega guilds with the timers being so long and the loot being so good, Please …

  • Jeez people really going hard on this fear windwall thing in yellows lol, Yeah sounds like turnning the message on in settings when entering a red zone is almost a must for royal zone people, You can however remount in time with your bubble if you do not use skills or move away from the gate then simply re-enter the yellow zone then switch the msg to on, But still a very big and becoming a bigger problem. Simple fix to me would be simply not allow fear or windwall to move players if they are ove…

  • pass or trash.....................................Trash....................... Hello, Thanks for posting your idea, But I personaly hate it.

  • Simple fixs like theses shouldn't take weeks to fix, Theses item breaking bugs should be fixed right away period. You wouldn't walk around with a broken leg for weeks without getting it looked at now would you?

  • yes a colorblind mode would be very nice for the people who need it, Please help them!

  • Suggestion: New Cape Skins

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    Sounds good to me, Also while there at it please make it so all crafted items can also be converted into skins, It would add more vanity and more items for players to wear with vanity while also creating an item sink because once an item is converted into a skin it cannot be returned back to a reg item.

  • Quote from Xermiz: “Good morning Neef, What you mention is not the solution to what is currently happening in the yellow areas of albion online, because when you pass the map the bubble lasts a little and if they are many as it happened to me it does not help. As for the message of entering the red zone, it was something designed for the new ones as part of the tutorial to show the dangers in the different zones, not a way of not entering it. The problem is that there is a big bug in the powers …

  • Quote from Shevarage: “Tell that to the people in Caerleon who's been pushed in RED zone while doing HCE of killed with full 8.3 MP gear ... Good old geyser ... ” Well you get a bubble if you get pushed in, Whats the problem dont use spells or move just remount when you can, Pretty simple to me.

  • I will say I find a lot more t7 nodes small and big full then I ever do full small t8 or any big t8 nodes.

  • They are all pretty close to being the same, Alot of the playerbase got spread pretty even through the royals, Though I would say bridge ,thed, fort, lym and martlock.

  • When you enter the red zone you get a bubble or you could turn on the message when entering a red zone again to confirm entering, This can be done in settings under nofications I believe, Now when you get pushed into the red zone without the confirm window if you don't use skills or move you will beable to remount before your bubble runs out even if you are on mount cooldown. Don't panic think smart.

  • Assets, Contracts, Transport

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    Not bad ideas I like them, Hope the devs see this!

  • well i mean if you dnt move or use spells when transfered into the red zone you can simply remount, Just make sure not to use skils or move, Your mount will come up intime if on cooldown...

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “Quote from Neef: “Quote from HuyHoang: “Quote from Neef: “Quote from HuyHoang: “Quote from Neef: “I fucking knew we wouldn't get it today, Fuck me, Is it live yet? ” "Over the coming weeks we will gather more changes and release them as a bigger Mid-Season Balance patch later". We will hit it on March. ” feels bad it March yet? Is it live? ” Every gatherer feels bad bro. Maybe it will live on 6th March with Queen patch 6 ” Omg Is it live ? I heard it was liv…

  • Don't worry about the NAPs the new disarry posted in the NDA's changes will help with the guilds that broke off from there alliances. The buff will work better for 300 man guilds or high CTA'd single guilds.

  • ^ bump for the love of bounty hunting

  • I have returned!!!!

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    Welcome back!