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  • Hello my name is Tristan I am looking for a place to call home I am wanting to be a crafter and I am getting my PC back up and running in a few days I already am able to use discord on my phone for the time being I've been away from the game for about a year I am hoping to be of help I am chill and laid back and I look forward to meeting you

  • Hey I tried to add you in game but it didn't work am interested in joining

  • Hello been gone for 4 months now and am hoping to find a laid back and chill guild that needs a crafter I am not that high of level crafter yet but I know I can get there cause I have a lot of time on my hands also I want to pvp so yeah I also have discord and teamspeak if needed I am 23 years old male I hope to hear from you all soon

  • Hello there my name is Tristan and am looking for a guild to join a new one preferably but am open to suggestions I have played the game since beta but I took a long break due to health problems I have most crafting at tier 4 right now and tier 5 bags Shields and capes hoping to get swords soon anyway I am a crafter through and through but I also pvp sometimes so am willing to fight so yeah if your guild sounds like a right fit for me send me a message or add or in game it's trista79 but if you …

  • awesome guys here in this guild was with them for months hope I can come back if they will let me

  • Hello everyone am brand new to albion online entirely in fact I haven't even bought the game yet but am going to be getting it in just 8 days so yeah am looking for a guild to join up with I am going to be a crafter and a builder if they have that as I want to build and craft stuff for our clan and I hope I haven't turned anyone off by saying I haven't bought the game yet I am VERY interested in it oh btw I have discord and skype and teamspeak if its needed as I like to chat also you can call me…