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  • If 5s ratting is still a thing they just need to move even more of the mini boss fame over to the main boss. If just killing a handful of mini bosses is more efficient than group RDs than you will continue to see the ratting problem. Lot of these fixes are relatively easy to fix the ratting in both 2s and 5s but SBI reacts ungodly slow to them. And if they are ok with current state for some reason they should just come out and say it already.

  • Haha I exclusively solo and 2s PvP and have been the top kill fame monthly curse player for 4 consecutive months in the game but ok bud keep talking with your 3m kill fame. Anyway no point wasting energy anymore with back and forths with you.

  • How can we get this SGT kid to stop talking about PvP when he does not partake in it?? I guess some dudes just like watching themselves talk about shit they know nothing about.

  • To be fair you should not even be allowed to discuss PvP topics unless you have a decent chunk of PvP experience so you understand the current climate. Until you have fought with and against various builds in various PvP types (solo, 2s, ZvZ) you really should not speak much on it.

  • If you insist on keeping the guardian helm as the heal/DoT removal combo ability please adjust the heal to be a flat 10% please and thanks. It currently is way to strong with bonuses also allowing to increase the heal.

  • I am torn on this one leaning towards not allowing them instanced from town. However it is way to easy for gankers right now like it is for everything to just camp portals knowing 100% they have the numbers advantage and that people running 2s are often decently geared (juicy targets). Since the gaters have no choice but to go to an exact spot on the map for the gate that everyone knows about it is an extreme disadvantage. I will always be a huge proponent of what Holly mentioned above trash rat…

  • I am not 100% following IRawrs post either but a piece from it I will agree with is also having the guardian helm heal is to much self healing available for DPS. I think this helm needs to be revamped to remove the healing ability. It should be something more in line with increased physical resistance which would also fit its name well.

  • Solo beginner friendly build

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    Hey bud frost is very quick and efficient to FF solo fame. You can clear the solo random dungeons quickly with virtually all frost builds but especially 1h and great frost. If you are looking for PvP frost can do ok solo but struggles against many other builds.

  • It is a start! It still gets 50% speed increase on 10 sec CD. But I will take it.

  • HG 2X2

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    They are located in T7 zones. All the zones directly surrounding Caerleon are T6 so those all have 5s in them. You need to venture a little further out to get the T7 zones with 2s.

  • Did you mean solo PvP is much more skilled so people enjoy watching it?? Any dope can button mash in groups of 100.

  • Did you not read the damn comment you included in your response Boodelf?? Spear users use their W after they already cleared your purge range and further run after that so uh yeah no purge.

  • I do think the build itself as a whole is bad it is just the 1h spear. All those movement abilities on extremely short CD is the issue. Cultist IMO did not even need nerf as that was simple to counter.

  • Any even half knowledgeable spear user does not channel his W right on your face so your purge/interrupt means jack. They typically use E or feet to create space and then W to be way gone. This is what they do the second they feel any hint of danger.

  • Oh I 100% agree Captain solo content is the lifeblood for all MMOs. Albion has it backwards. Massive ZVZ should be treated as a fun unique once a day at most type event. Having them at all times all day long is nonsensical. It prevents the non zerg people from wandering around and it pulls all the big alliance population out of the world condensing them all in one spot instead.

  • But to answer your question ZvZ is WAYYYYYY more prioritized than small scale especially solo even though ZvZ players literally just log in briefly for a fight and log back off again. Many of them do not even play the game.

  • Agreed portal ganking should be a top priority fix. As mentioned in several threads now the T5 portal zones are much more dangerous than all the T8 zones combined. The entry to the BZ should actually be quite safe and generally more dangerous the further you go. *Add invisible fountain at realm gate circle. *Add safe area at all portal zone exits to prevent exit camping. *Add Caerleon type additional tunnel exits in middle of zones. The royal cities are still jam packed with hundreds of people i…

  • I believe Sterling and Lym most likely have the most active markets. The biggest ZvZ guilds live in those areas.

  • The balance is the problem Neef the spear has all positives with big damage and mobility. BL actually has less mobility AND less damage than 1h spear which once again tells you something. And no using you gig boots at correct time means nothing against a spear. I really wonder sometimes how much you actually actively PvP with some of your comments. Have you fought many of these 1h spear builds?

  • Beachers be happy they actually are looking at this. Typically 95% of their focus is on zerg garbage. The state of 2s has been shit for a year now, solo PvP is virtually non existent, the OW is dead except certain CTA giant fight small timeframes. They have a lot of work to do.