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  • Quote from Mytherceria: “ - - iii) as long as the data is made available on a website and not, for example, through an in-game modification or overlay, and - iv) we will ban you. Happy Friday! ” Quote from WedrowyczJakub: “ The overlay works like external applicaltion with opacity and always on top behaviour. It doesn't even know that there is Albion game/process, therefore no client modification. ” It seems overlay was mentioned as not aalowed already...

  • Quote from felipe128: “ 3. DPS Meter: - Collects damage data from network packets and display them overlayed in the game. ” This would be cool to have purely for pve and theory crafting purposes (too lazy to work with spreadsheets). Does the overlay part modify the client, though? That would make it not allowed, right?

  • as far as I know it is not only a visual thing what the rubberband boots do. It actually affects your position and can be used to your advantage in pvp. Or so I remember reading. So it being lootable and destructible kinda makes sense. Vanity slots should not have any utility purpose. I may be wrong, though.

  • Quote from Slamz: “What if faction warfare replaced flag warfare? That is, you can no longer just "flag red". Flagging up is done by joining a faction. - Faction A vs Faction B: current rules - Faction A vs Faction A: current rules - Faction vs "no faction" players: same rules as flagged vs unflagged - In a red zone, Faction players can kill "no faction" players and loot them. - In a yellow zone, Faction players can down "no faction" players but can't kill them or loot them. - In a blue zone, Fa…

  • Just a sidenote, I got 600 siphoned energy on my solo guild last season. I guess I got to level 2? I was bit less casual than before I suppose, doing quite a bit of solo random dungeons. I have no idea how many the mega guilds get?

  • Quote from Korn: “1. Change the system such that red flagged players can be executed in yellow zones. That would fix the issue. The downside is that it would prevent the open world knockdown PvP between reds that can in theory happen in yellow zones. Does anybody here have a good feeling for how popular this actually is? ” Quote from Captainrussia: “Quote from Ravenar: “2) new issue will be blues knocking down reds and any factions finishing them off ” That should be a much smaller "issue" (real…

  • I like the idea of a Tavern building. But I would see it more a physical LFG place instead of giving a boost. Maybe some could use it to recruit people to their guild... Maybe a in-game message board with a silver fee? Not sure if people would use it. Or if people would use it too much and it would be a lagfest place

  • Maybe bound tomes could start to drop labourers from T5 (T6?) books and up, to give more boost for risking adventuring to the red/black zones. It would actually possibly become a way to get pve fame by ganking pve players and looting their merc books!

  • +1 I have completely stopped carrying the mercenary books with me. Some kind of buff would probably make me do more pve and carry the books to fill them.

  • We have the Armored Bonehorse, would be cool to have an armored skeleton Wardrobe set. I mean like a torn down plate armor and broken helmet with arrow pointing out or something. Having more variation in each theme would allow mixing things for different looks. TLDR; Bring more variations: Different Undead / Keeper / Heretic Wardrobe skin items so we can mix them up!

  • Quote from Korn: “Hey there, we are aware of this issues and are looking at various ways this could be fixed. There are different ways in principle to tackle this. Here are a few possibilities - all with pros and cons: 1. Change the system such that red flagged players can be executed in yellow zones. That would fix the issue. The downside is that it would prevent the open world knockdown PvP between reds that can in theory happen in yellow zones. Does anybody here have a good feeling for how po…

  • Quote from Worros: “Quote from Korn: “Another option: 4. Treat "red flagged" as a pseudo-faction. This means that "reds" can kill faction flagged players and be killed by them, also in blue and yellow zones. The key difference is though that reds can of course still attack reds, and that reds would be subject to the reputation system. ” Don't do this. I can already see new players being tricked into marking red then getting killed off. ” 1) Like Worros said, this is a big change for new players …

  • If I have Recruiter's Beer Mug and move around the beer mug cannot keep balanced. It looks wrong. Compare this to Monk's Walking Stick. The stick is held in an idiotic way while running. In my opinion the animations could be switched between these two items. The Innkeeper's Beer mug is well balanced in comparison. Thanks

  • so actually it does not "reset"? But instead puts your spells on cooldown?

  • Good Luck! If you are interested take a look a thread I made a while back. There is also a discord channel. It is quiet in there but maybe some people are still lurking.

  • parrot is not displayed

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    There was a thread about weapons always showing overriding vanity hand items. Not sure what the answer was. Possibly will be fixed. edit: Vanity Weapon & Off-hand not showing outside of city

  • Bug Seller Price

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    Marketplace used to have that same k issue and it caused a lot of confusion. Eventually it was fixed.

  • Cougar skin

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    Post it is pretty cool

  • I don't know if it is best but I am using this vanity outfit. The Pirate body piece is also good with long boots to hide the pegleg. I used it for a while before switching to this one…4309fb81c4a66aba9b665a158 There is room for more vanity pieces for sure! Here is another. You should not ever drink beer without the safety helment and goggles…4309fb81c4a66aba9b665a158 That curly chest hair (tattoo?) is just weird, though

  • Poll: Alliance Feature

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    Quote from OceanSpirit: “One interesting idea I had is to remove the ability to see enemy guild tags in the open world (except for zvz prime time fights). In essence it would make it EXTREMELY difficult to identify coalitions since a normal person can't remember more than 50 people (and obviously you will not trust someone In the black zone saying they are your friend lol). Not to mention this would make zvz's with multiple guilds a complete nightmare for coalitions to coordinate. (And don't for…