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  • Good day everyone, The Crystal League has been running on both the Staging and Live Servers for some time now. After looking at the numbers and reading through your feedback we have decided to increase the amount of Crystal League time slots for Levels 1-3 during the Guild Season. We want to give you the chance to play more than one game each day, and still retain the benefits of overlapping time slots, which should keep high-end teams away from the lower levels. Therefore we are adding 3 more t…

  • Thank you all for your feedback and happy new year! We have put a lot of thought into your replies and went over all of them. There were many great ideas that we will keep in mind. Crystal League will develop over the coming seasons, as participation and demand will show us how to adapt. Here are the final adjustments: Time Slot Adjustments: The NA time slot has been moved forward by one hour to 2 UTC to avoid overlap with the prime time slot. Time slots for Levels 1-4 are now: - 02 UTC - 13 UTC…

  • Dev Talk: Crystal League

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    Hey everyone and @Norgannon Amusingly enough this is exactly what we are doing, we will be raising the ip floor. Here is a link to the new adjustments, please continue giving feedback as we are always happy to hear your guys thoughts. Link: Here. Happy Holidays!

  • Please see Crystal League - Rewards and Schedule for more information. Good day everyone! We have been collecting a lot of feedback over the last few days regarding the crystal league and are adjusting softcap progression and itempower progression. Softcap and Itempower We have increased the starting Itempower to 900 and added a scaling to the itempower softcap. This way we can have one fight with 1100 itempower daily but keep the cap harder to ensure that lower levels are not purely dictated by…

  • Crystal League - Rewards and Schedule As a follow up to the recent Dev Talk, this post will show the rewards and planned schedules in more detail. During the Guild Season Rewards The rewards will be split according to the outcome of the match. For example: - If it was a close match, both teams will get something, with the winning team receiving the bigger share. - If the match was a landslide win, the winning team will get the whole prize pool. These are the prize pools per player * Level * Silv…

  • Hey LordSilva, This is by design, so all biome cities have the same amount of outposts and the same amount of outposts in the same travel distance.

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    Welcome new players! Good luck out there!