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  • Quote from Korn: “Hey there, we are aware of this issues and are looking at various ways this could be fixed. There are different ways in principle to tackle this. Here are a few possibilities - all with pros and cons: 1. Change the system such that red flagged players can be executed in yellow zones. That would fix the issue. The downside is that it would prevent the open world knockdown PvP between reds that can in theory happen in yellow zones. Does anybody here have a good feeling for how po…

  • Of course you can use your abilities. It is just a matter of how useful the abilities you selected actually are. Say for example you are wearing geathering gear. Each head piece has a block ability. You can choose that one as use it as soon as you are about to get hit. Then dash away with your bloodletter and use whatever ability you have selected on your boots. Posibilities are endless depending on the gear you have on. However, if you have 0 escape abilites then I guees you'll die.

  • Cast Speed and Attack Speed

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    It obviously doesn't work for attack speed. Leather items have passive abilities that improve attack speed. Cloth improves casting speed only.

  • Saddled Winter Bear

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    Just use the biggest Ox you can afford. You can walk between all cities throgh blue and yellow zones. You don't need to worry about the speed, HP and Armor of the mount. Just make sure that it carries as much as possible. It will take a bit longer sticking to the safe route but nobody will be attacking you. Do not bother with the bear. It will carry less then an Ox and will be way more expencive.

  • Quote from ZzzDevilVNzzZ: “Quote from Worros: “Quote from ZzzDevilVNzzZ: “when I want tto do 1v1 i come to solo dungeons in T6-T7 red zones. May be u can try that ” For a full on multiplayer experince. Where 5 people gang up to show you how much of a scrub you are. ” most of them are newbie with gucci gear with ~1k ip. U can beat all of them with your 6.1 gear with siphone. Some of them don't even know what is the meaning of their skill. Why are u affraid of them?. Show them how big balls you ar…

  • You would force this on somone to manage. Who decides all this? Idea is not that far out but it will become painful for the one who needs to micro manage these.

  • Note that albion only has one server.

  • There is little to no reason to go to a black zone alone as a new player. Especially since Queen update. Portal ganking is a thing more then ever. It is not unusual to step through the portal and immediately see loads of reds running around. If you don't have a plan which covers where you are going and what you are doing then you may as well run around in a yellow zone. Join a guild and start venturing out to clear some dungeons. That would be a logical first step. Go with someone who is not a s…

  • Quote from Kurewna: “But me and rest new people wanna build it! If its not avelaible why it is in build options... ” To make you suffer!

  • Look, I play Arena quite a bit. I wouldn't even mind having a ranked Arena. Only problem with it is that it is 100% safe and does not really fit in what Albion is all about. Note that it is not that uncommon to see people flaming in Arena. You make it ranked and it turns to LoL real quick.

  • Quote from ZzzDevilVNzzZ: “when I want tto do 1v1 i come to solo dungeons in T6-T7 red zones. May be u can try that ” For a full on multiplayer experince. Where 5 people gang up to show you how much of a scrub you are.

  • MMO lad. MMO Mass Multiplayer Online game. Multi =/= single Not sure how else to put this. You come to a multiplayer game expecting single player content and then get dissapointed that it's not there. Ye...that's rought. If only there was some sort of a hint somewhere that this is not a single player game.

  • NDA balance: Great Holy

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    Interesting... I can a bit to your suggestion. Make it have a cast delay of 1-2 sec but then explode. Send people flying a long way and heal in 1 go. Make it just pulse once and ye...explode

  • Some nice looking items in that 3rd "box". Thanks for doing this.

  • A huge Zerg fest is not fun. I am legit taking into consideration to just limit my game play to: Daily expeditions Arena Maybe some CGvGs when I manage to find time to play Maybe just run around YZs and help randoms clear some dungeons I am a part of a big guild that does a lot of ZvZ content but God do I hate it (and to be honest, a LOT of people feel the same way). No other way to get territories now though so suck it up I guess... Since queen everything has been so Zerg oriented it's stupid. …

  • Poll: Disarray Balance

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    Quote from Korn: “Quote from Hollywoodi: “I miss an option Strong for 25 vs 50 and strong for 50 vs 100 Because anytime someone gets completely outnumbered it sucks especially if enemy has double numbers.. ” The problem here is that the debuff would be so insanely strong then at 100 players that you'd effectively force people to work around it by "artificial" group splits. ” So be it. I can't understand why you are forcing ZvZ so much when the game itself is not very optimised for it. For the ga…

  • The old world rulers returned once more. They massed their forces and breached the Caerleon door. We fought them off but at a price As Outlands changed to our surprise. The whole new land appeared at dawn With all new places to call them home.

  • So...what happens if I fast travel but then leave the guild? Am I unlocked or am I screwed?

  • Cheers Thank you

  • Quote from Amoebius76: “Hey there, the Arena Stats will come back with the next patch. They got removed unintentionally. ” How do you know this btw? I thought that this was the case but I could not be sure. I like Arenas but I do start to wonder what purpose they serve in Albion (a part from a few cool skins - I am still grinding those 2000 tokens for a Swiftclaw skin cause I wanna earn it not buy it )