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  • Can you also provide a screenshot of the price you are given when you select the 30 days of premium on our website and proceed to the check-out? (you don't actually have to buy it)

  • Quote from sala1234: “I can send you screen if you want. ” Yes, please do. This doesn't sound right, so we would like to find out if and why that is happening.

  • Hey there, The price on the Steam Store is the same as on our Store. You are likely seeing the price on Steam in a different currency. Note that the prices on our Shop are stated in USD ($), however, at check-out the price will be converted to your local currency.

  • Thank you for the feedback! We will soon be adding an option that allows you to disable that notification pop-up. We also have more extensive improvements planned for the farming UI, unfortunately I’m unable to provide details at this moment. But should you have any further suggestions, please let us know

  • Island ownership question

    Elsa - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from teopower89: “Regarding the 2nd point, if I delete the owner character (let's say the name is John) then the island will stay but it will still be listed as "John's island"? ” Yes. Quote from teopower89: “Since co-owners have certain restrictions that owners don't have (for example only owners can upgrade the island if I'm not mistaken) then the island is bound to remain the way it is with no possibility to change it? ” That's correct.

  • You can get fishing fame by eating fish. If it counted to the overall stats, it would make the gathering stat rather meaningless, as it would no longer show the effort you put into gathering resources - you could simply buy and eat fish to boost that stat.

  • Island ownership question

    Elsa - - Beginner's Questions


    1. It disappears. Each character can only own one private island at a time. 2. The island remains if you delete your character, however, it will not be passed onto any other character. You will still be able to access it and use it with your other characters though, given that you have the proper access rights. 3. No. The actual ownership of the private island cannot be transferred.

  • The physical size of the mount has no effect on it being able to navigate through obstacles. The mount is able to move through the same-sized gaps as the player.

  • EDIT: This issue has been resolved via a server-side hotfix. All buffs associated with territory tower levels should now be active. Hey everyone, There is currently a bug which causes Tower Levels (upgraded by winning Crystal League matches) to not grant certain bonuses to your territory. These are: - Season Point multiplier - Higher enchanted rates of resources and better resource yield in the zone - Buff to territory guards Our developers are working on a solution to the problem and we will de…

  • Hey hey Elsa

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    Why do you go by Sgtbloodelf?

  • Bag with shop on mobile!!!

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    Hey @Nerico, your items have been placed in the Marketplace "Completed Tab": VU0W6oF.png You can pick up your purchased items from there. And welcome to the forum!

  • Quote from Fuat: “Elsa i dont see any avatar picture... just informatıons about avatrs... is taht bug or somethng deleted? ” Can you send me a screenshot? Also, do you have access to The images are hosted on that site.

  • For specific Territory Season Point values, see here.

  • Hey everyone, In the thread Guild Season 8 Schedule and Changes, we have stated that territories give different values of daily Season Point rewards based on their location in the Outlands; the closer to the center of the map the territory is, the more Season Points it rewards. However, as these values are not easily findable in the game during the off-season, we are now sharing them in the table below. Please note that Territory Season Points can be further increased by a factor of 1.1, 1.2, 1.…

  • Link all marketplaces

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  • Hello, Use of such third-party programs is against our Terms & Conditions: Quote: “13.3 No ManipulationUsers may only play the Game personally. They are not permitted to manipulate the Game or use technical tools that give Users an advantage over other players. In particular Users are forbidden to… - modify the gaming experience by using software or mechanisms that may affect the function and the game play unless permitted by the Game Rules, - use software playing in place of the player (such as…

  • Quote from Salzur: “Where can I find that info? I would love to learn more about the Lore ” Soon

  • Quote from Salzur: “Why when the king Arthur got Excalibur didn´t use that "so powerful that it will make whoever wields" to win the war? ” Arthur was betrayed. Quote from Salzur: “P.D: Can you add to the factions lore the Avalonian group? and add the events that happened in last week in the lore. ” We plan on adding it to our website soon

  • tfLVizF.png This bug has been resolved with Queen Hotfix #1. Hey everyone, With today's update we have encountered a bug with Farm Animals. - DETAILS - If you have raised an animal and you attempt to pick it up after today's update, you will receive the baby animal - instead of getting the fully grown animal. Please note that this bug only happens if your farm animal had no offspring. In case it did have offspring, you will not be affected by this bug. - WHAT YOU CAN DO - If you have any grown a…

  • Our chat rules are very relaxed as is. Generally, when it comes to banter in /global chat, as long as you stay clear of: - homophobic/racist slurs - real-life threats - doxxing - excessive spam you will not be moderated. Full list of chat rules can be found here.