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  • I know a ton of people in zergs that are already getting fed up with constant CTA demands and just don't bother logging in anymore. SBI should consider making terri fights every 72 hours instead of every damn day. Activity is dropping off quick.

  • I mean what Gluttony is doing is exactly what I thought all these big alliances overlooked to begin with. Every time you randomly destroy hide outs of these non threatening guilds just looking for a place to live you are literally just removing your own content as now you have no opportunity to kill these people in your area. Sure Arch is doing this to encourage more PvP opportunities for their gankers (I do think Arch is a little to gank happy especially in portal zones) but on the flip side as…

  • To the OP first off I 100% agree the hideout system is garbage and that was more on the devs for poor communication. Hideouts are no where near meant for small guilds and barely even medium guilds due to the behavior you mentioned above of the big alliance demands. With all that said I do not think they have any plans on changing this so I would recommend basing out of one of the BZ cities with your group. Yes the Markets are shit right now and frankly always probably will be because of the no s…

  • Hell Gate 2s Poll

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    Yico the gear swap disablement would only be injunction with the layout and chest changes. Those changes would eliminate the vast majority of rats because they could not just run in circles anymore as a strategy.

  • Hell Gate 2s Poll

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    Also for the love of all things stop keeping these 2s gate open for 30 minutes. It makes 0 sense to keep them open this long and once again encourages the rat behavior of just poking from a distance even though you have 0 desire to fight. The content in 2s only takes 3 minutes max to generate chest and even if you consider 5 minutes for a good quality fight that should still only be like 8 minutes. Adjust this timer down drastically immediately.

  • You thought the zergs were whining with this alliance change wait until they check out the new disarray debuff change posted in NDA! The tears are going to flow.

  • It really comes down to what you want. If you want full loot PvP Albion while it has many flaws is the best game available right now.

  • I do like this alliance change but also agree they need to look at the root cause of power projection being to easy. Not much is required to defend conquered lands so power house guilds can focus their attention on more acquisitions instead of defense. It should be exponentially more difficult to hold high tier zones and high volumes of zones.

  • Its why N+1 is such a systematic problem across all content in Albion. Die to a solo diver running SRD start running with 2 instead. Now divers bring 3 in case 2 are running. Get ganked by group of 4. Call up 7 friends to go 8v4 them next. Lose a castle fight 20v30 NAP another alliance for the next day and now fight 40v30. It will always be a problem in Albion because no mechanics exist against this behavior. Game should incentivize winning even or outnumbered fights with much more favorable tra…

  • Hey Joe keep in mind that items in personal banks inside the hideout are not lost they are moved to the nearest outland or Royal city upon hideout destruction. So no worries for you on that front. Sure they maybe should and probably will include another free island move. Many small guilds are already dealing with or have dealt with hideout destruction so people do not feel bad if the zergs destroy each others hideouts after the 26th.

  • Hell Gate 2s Poll

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    Hey SBI that alliance poll seemed to get a ton of discussion and drove quick response/action from you so how about we get one of those bad boys in regards to the current state of 2s gates? These players drive a ton of daily content and twitch views for your game and it could be way more if you make some relatively simple tweaks. Layout: Circle design is shit. Get rid of it and go back to your original design back in the day where you have 2 corridors meet up in a middle area. Stop giving life to…

  • After you get dove a few times and get killed because you are at 50% health to begin with I think you will back peddle on wanting them harder. They are currently balanced so the runner gets decent fame efficiency because you also have a decent chance of being dove and killed (T8 zone MUCH higher chance). I am not sure if people really even dive the T7 and T6 zones these days so you are probably safe there.

  • Haha Gugusteh I spend all my diving time in PoE and Squak T8 zones around Lym/Sterling these days!

  • I play solo PvP about 70% of the time and the remaining 30% I spend in 2s gates. Solo PvP can be lucrative diving the T8 big guild SRDs but yes you will have stretches where you just do not find much content and also yes you will definitely draw attention when you kill players in the zerg zone. However game environment wise Albion still appears to be the best available full loot MMO option even though they do not do themselves much favors.

  • Hell gates are great content (besides the rat problem in 2s you encounter roughly 40% of the time) for small groups. One of the challenges with 2s gates is they are not efficiently accessible anymore to there target audience. If you own hideouts this is great you can simply drop off your loot and jump in again. However most hideout owning guilds (not all) expect you to ZvZ all the time thus pulling you away from your desired content. If you do not belong to a hideout guild you are narrowed down …

  • Many of you keep mistakenly mentioning they are doing this "mid season". It will be MUCH earlier than that in actuality which is a good thing because regardless no point in prolonging the current broken state of hand holding alliances. Is this an extreme to drop from the thousands of hand holders to now only 300 max? Perhaps. But best to get the test in immediately and go from there based on results. Chances are though the days of these giant Alliances are gone for good.

  • Stand time should just be removed from the game entirely. It makes no sense to have and causes clunky game play.

  • Shields

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    You are like the only dude in game doing so Fusion if you really do! Shields are god awful and always have been. They should get a substantial buff in armor and resistance. Perhaps even add some sort of damage reflection on one of the artifacts.

  • I am all for this change but changes need to be made on effort needed to maintain control of the top T8 BZ zones as well. They currently provide the highest reward but require the same amount and time to defend as the T5 outer rim zones. The difficulty needs to be increased dramatically to defend T8 zones with decreasing difficultly as you drop tiers. This should keep the most competitive guildd fighting over T8 and leave room for starter guilds to fight over T5/T6 etc.

  • Good call on the chat alert that probably makes the most sense yet. This alert could be for 3 or more total players in SRD and 11 or more in GRD. This would be a practical solution to still keep PvP attractive but make it fair for the players being dove.