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  • For the 3rd Q option on the axe line, bring back Heavy Chop. A single-target, target required skill that does more raw, up-front damage than Rending but has no DoT. Would be nice to just have a straight damage Q without a bleed for the axe again. Thoughts?

  • ... and Jesus fucking Christ! Could you add anymore fucking mobs to the maps? Is the intent on having every fucking square meter of the map filled with a mob? You're killing my immersion man. My immersion...

  • Quote from gmatagmis: “You are the guy who chasing warbow staight line like train with oil on rails? Gl hf. ” The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. If you have zero ranged abilities, you cannot afford to play dodge game with warbow because Poison Arrow or even Deadly Shot is enough. All funny business aside, 10 sec CD for two high powered skills (even if they are skill shots) is just way too short. CD should be at least 12 seconds for both RoL and MA, imo.

  • While I used to hate this idea before, I would actually be happy if they just put Poison Coating on a pitch count like Enchanted Quiver. Just make the EQ for the dagger line.

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “Quote from sweatpantboner: “are you going to lower artifact fame per level requirement now that its barely an ip increase? ” Fame artifact is 3x basic gear fame needed because you fame 3 gear at the same time (rune, soul and relic artifact). It is not related to the base IP. ” While this might be true, I do think that an adjustment to the progression model needs some consideration. Today, if I were to spend 50 million fame credits, I could get all three non-artifact weapon l…

  • This isn't that crazy. Crazy is leveling all your crafts to T8 so that you *only* wear gear created by yourself.

  • Giant Change

    Calesvol - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Sure, you get taller with longer legs and thus longer strides, but you also develop massive arthritis during your transformation, which significantly hinders your ability to move. There's your immersion.

  • Giant Change

    Calesvol - - Feedback & Suggestions


    To preface, I use guardian boots a lot; I have 100 spec in guardian boots, but the Giant mechanic needs to change so that instead of receiving a 25% movement speed buff, you really should receive a -25% movement speed buff. The purpose of skill should be to provide the ultimate damage soak but the trade-off should be mobility. You should be more prone to CC and ground effect damages, which should be the natural counter to this mechanic.

  • Purging Shield Change

    Calesvol - - Feedback & Suggestions


    To preface, mage robe is my primary chest armor; I am also 100 spec in mage robe, but the purging mechanic on Purging Shield should be changed so that when activated, you receive a buff that purges all enemy buffs for the first person that does damage to you while the buff is active. But, once a purge happens, the buff wears off. So, basically, you have a 6 sec window in which you can remove all buffs from a single target who damages you, but only once. The way it works now, for 6 secs no one wh…

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “No, actually clicking the "I accept" PVP warning sign = consent: ” There's two levels here. There's the consent to enter a PVP zone, which is what the pop-up is referring to; and then there's consent to the activity of PVP, which is the flagging system I am talking about. To me, entering a PVP zone is not consent to PVP activity. It just means that you acknowledge that you are entering a dangerous zone.

  • Quote from Midgard: “Once again ... there is NO non-consensual PvP in Albion. If you want to talk about ganking, zergs, group size etc then fine ... but all PvP in Albion is consensual. ” I disagree with this sentiment. There is a feature built into the game which very clearly defines consensual versus non-consensual, and that is the PVP flagging system. Now, there's two ways to flag for PVP. You can manually flag yourself by clicking the button on your character bar or you can be automatically …

  • How could this have been any harder than: update ao.characters set gender_id = @gender_id -- 1 male; 2 female where character_id = @character_id

  • Yeah the change to Assassin Spirit was the beginning in the end for this weapon. I much more preferred the charging version with attack speed bonus that would give you invis after 3 stacks over this toggled, damage increase skill now, which I absolutely dislike. Then I feel like the animation change to auto attacks further messed this weapon along with the nerf to Hush on Demon Helm and maybe I'm crazy but I feel like attack speed from torches was lowered too somewhere along the way. All in all,…

  • Quote from Evas_Flarelight: “The Testserver is still online and some players are there to pass the time. ” So how does this work exactly? The production server is getting hit with DDOS, but the test server is not?

  • Quote from Eclipsus: “If you expect that something like this is never going to happen, then chances are you're never going to find that perfect video game you're looking for. It might be time for you to consider putting down the keyboard and mouse and just going outside. Can't get DDoSed in RL. SBI has no control over the waste-of-oxygen idiots who think DDoSing is funny. If you want to put blame on someone, go find the person attacking them. I don't understand where so many people are getting t…

  • Quote from Abydon: “Profitability By Activity Laborers and Farms: 1.2 mil / hour 2v2 or 5v5 Hellgates: 1 mil / hour (assumes good players with 67% win rate) Dungeon Diving Players: 600k / hour (assumes good players with a 90% win rate) Gathering: 500k / hour (T6+ with high spec, assumes players that ganked once every 4 hours) Open World Ganking Players: 500k / hour (assumes good players that die once every 4 hours) Random Dungeons: 300k / hour How exactly is ganking "too easy" when its at the bo…

  • I am gonna guess that I am not alone on this, but for the first time since beta, I am actually going into this weekend looking for another game to play and potentially move on to. Up until now, I have been relatively okay with the direction and availability of the game with a healthy dose of dissatisfaction here and there, but the tipping point has finally come. SBI, you are providing a high-stakes, full-loot player-versus-player game. Server stability and availability are tantamount to both the…

  • Quote from ZARAKi: “so you are telling me party of 10 people will come to kill just 1 and waste their time while they can dive normal random dungeons and kill like 5-6 or more.its not worth their time for sure.This is full loot pvp game that means when you are out farming you got the risk to die but also if you dont die the loot you have will have big value(obviously you cant have both cuz if people dont die they wont need regear and it will break the economy).If you want safe but low income jus…

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Fixes Identified and fixed an issue with display of character name tags that was affecting client performance, which should stabilize frame rate during gameplay ” Has there been any sort of assessment on this? I do not feel like there has been any improvement in client performance with this update. I am still having to restart every so often because the FPS just takes a total dump.

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “I really want this game to succeed, but I hope lessons are being learned right now: ” Lessons are definitely not being learned. They did not learn this lesson from initial launch. They did not learn this lesson from Steam launch. Here we are in the exact same place that we are in every time they try to bring a large influx of players into the game.