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  • Quote from Hopeful: “Quote from Guilefulwolf: “I like the idea. Every T5 land could have the 1v1 hell gates while T6 could then have the 2v2 and the T7 ann T8 the ones for 5v5. ” I think they should be distributed randomly and evenly so as to avoid making anyone travel further. If half the solo dungeons were replaced with solo hellgates... I think that most people would be alright with that. ” why on Earth do 5 Man and 2 Man gates have fixed spawn places? That is super old technology.. You could…

  • Small scale fun

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    For me, that is already Zerg, but that's just me

  • Zerg + HG

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    Quote from Neef: “Quote from blappo: “Idk why it didnt occur to me till today but 20 man HG would be FUN ” 20man HG is coming to the world of albion devs have said they want to add this. ” that's gonna be a lot of no shows in off times..

  • Did u PvP fight vs Ava set already? Small scale? Did someone just shoot lasers on you ? Did someone run with ungodly speed next to you with almost no CD while you gallop on your Kitty ..if Not, watch Ava sandals with no CD and inner focus? Cheers Balancing this new Avalonian items in GvG crystal is gonna be interesting.. I eat popcorn and watch as it is nuts.. I have fighted these guys already, and it is rough . Yes I hope these items are too expensive to become standard, if not, forget about ba…

  • Important in AO, there is no final goal. The journey is the goal and get the most fun for you outa it. I made a lot of mistakes myself here... Rush 100 mastery.. nonsense just use a bit higher gear Expensive gear - nah it is the skill that decides and the counter gear.. oh and of course numbers.. Take for example the rush to 500 most say 400 but it is 500.. it is 15 % now More damage max.. If u dodge one skillshot or block it u on par.. There is no goal except play and have fun

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “while I really like the idea - I think it will be abused into hell (just go see duels in towns, people use unrealistic cheesy builds) Its probably gonna be dominated by 3 items: Guardian Boots Cultist Robe (or Mage Robe - for the poor people) Specter Hood for the robe reset ” I would play completely different. Guardian boots? Just kite away if he giantify Cultist yes, that maybe But then I play holy on knockback double ..the W is short CD and the cleric I switch to kno…

  • Oh, we finally managed it as small guild.. Placing was easy, then we went to defence.. 70 man raid of people that was bored showed.. But we had paid a mega Alliance, that rolled over the 70 ... So we have a hideout now, unfortunately our gatherer have to deliver 25 mio silver per week or they take their avalonian demolition hammer and destroy it.. But heh, small guilds can have a hideout in the bz..and what's 25 mio per week if u can have a hideout.. Hype is still a small guild patch..u can…

  • Why can't PVE players use it? Mobs too hard or damage immune? And it is great they red, more fame.. I don't see any problem.

  • Quote from TeenageDDirtbag: “Quote from Drake_IronHeart: “Go play a single player game if you want to do solo stuff in a MMO! 2v2 should be the smallest! ” Just don't play them if you don't want to. How is this contributing anything to the discussion? Its not like anyone is asking to remove 2v2 or 5v5. The stupidity in this forum really amazes me. ” if a SINGLE player game give me the opportunity to fight another player, I play the single game.. But Sherlock, it is quite hard or literally imposs…

  • Gameguard issue after each reboot

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    Uncritical but annoying After each reboot if i start the game, i get "gameguard error, game already running" workaround ..i open the game folder start gameguard and repair.. it takes 30 seconds, but it is annoying..

  • AMA was great

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    Let me say Thanks to the game Management. You took your time, you listen to an AMA directly without static cluster of roundtable. You listen and answer to community directly, as in alpha and beta And the best, 3 days later, the clear communication is here, with changes you took as takeaway from the AMA That is awesome, that is what will make this game different. You did not just listen to the mega Alliance that want maintain their power on Round table but you directly spoke to all and acted. Tha…

  • The first most important step and the AMA points in that direction Trash rate based on assist: If one player dies .and solo kill trash at all If one player dies not in big group, not under Zerg debuff recently and has 4+ assitsbon his death ...trash rate explodes That is the first step.. If people have no incentive for 10 on 1 except the hunt you will see it go down..

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “Quote from Psycha: “Quote from blast204: “Rather than complain and warn, why don't you come up with some really good ideas that match the games ethos. The Dev's would LOOOOOVE to solve all the things you have just mentioned (they want to keep their jobs), but with the thin line of sandbox/battle for power/staff levels it cant be done in a few hours. So put your head down think of some cool ideas to improve most of the points you brought up, I agree for solo players the…

  • Right now you see on the highly rewarding maps mega Alliance who can mass ZvZ the following started First round 4 hideouts on the map Then 8.. it is easy just create a fake guild and put to alliance then make new Hideouts. How to fix? Seriously, no clue... Because if you llimit it to 1 hideout per Alliance they will just create a guild outside of alliance, create hideout, def it with the mega alliance and allow on the ghost guild entrance for Alliance.. At the end of the day it will be one huge …

  • Fascinating, before SBI posts the "we fix hideouts" tons of mega Alliance and other guys.. "Those who fail are just bad" "Use diplomacy" We opened one for you, so just shut up and bow knee And now.. Nice like like.. How comes this Mindchange??

  • For the price, that is completly too weak... C'mon, can't you buff this a bit more?

  • I would even go further - Hideouts u cannot enter you don't see on map, just if u see them with your "virtual" eyes

  • It has already started. Powerful guilds & Alliances are already bragging to create public hideouts, sure for a fee and the risk that they lock you out, anytime of course with all of your stuff unaccessible , if you not praise their leader...and dance to their music...

  • whatever my friend, i don't do any discussion any more with people like you that use the disablement of others like no native language, being a foreigner, having a specific religion, place of birth or any other handicap as a tool for argumentation... that is below my standards, obviously not below yours

  • Funny, did u get that from Reddit or saw in a video? If someone is arguing against you try target that he is foreign and no native speaker and laugh about non native speaking skills? After that argument I stopped reading on, I am sorry man, that is no educated discussion any more. Everyone is a foreign and non native it just depends on the country you visit.. Sad standards you have man..